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Morocco Embassy Attestation Dubai

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You can utilize Moroccan certifications that have been attested by Benchmark Attestation Services in the United Arab Emirates. Similar to Moroccan birth and marriage certificates, they can be legalized in less than six months. The certificates may be presented in Moroccan Arabic or in many languages.

We can assist you with the required legitimizations or apostille, obtaining fresh birth and marriage certificates from Morocco, obtaining government office authorizations from Morocco, and other processes to legalize your personal documents for use in the UAE.

Moroccan educational certificates would also have the proper certification to be used in the UAE. The attestation engagement, however, can seem complicated and challenging when done alone. Therefore, here is where we can help you by stepping in and simplifying your life.

The fact that Morocco is a signatory to the Hague Convention is advantageous for those seeking to have their Moroccan documents attested for use in the UAE because it simplifies the process. Everything that needs attestation or apostille approval for use in the United Arab Emirates, including school records, training materials, marriage certificates, and a long list of other papers.

Documents Required for Morocco Embassy Attestation

  • The general explanation also applies here: with attestation/apostille, the document from Morocco is acknowledged as valid because it serves as evidence that it has been approved by a government agency. The UAE requires certificate attestation for a variety of purposes as well.
  • It is necessary for the passport application process at the embassy.
  • Certain products and organizations could need certificate attestation.
  • They might be required by the Ministry of Education for equivalence
  • For a student and work visa, it would be necessary.


Morocco Embassy Attestation Dubai

Attestation requirements for personal documents from Morocco

  • Translation provided by Morocco, if necessary
  • We may authenticate documents with a Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Notary seal.
  • We can offer attestation from the Embassy.

Morocco Embassy Attestation Process

  1. Sending in your original certificates is the first step, much like sending in a duplicate of your visa. These can be collected by specialists we deploy specifically to do so, or by mail messengers.
  2. When a document from Morocco is accepted, our work begins by forwarding it to MOFA for attestation.
  3. The paper that has been attested by Morocco arrives at the UAE Embassy in Morocco following this. Here, it receives a proclamation of legitimacy on the front.
  4. The paper is submitted back to the United Arab Emirates and verified there by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  5. It converts to English before being brought safely back to you.

This interaction only ever changes when specific document categories are included, such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, or degree certificates, where attestation is required if the article isn’t older than 90 days. Whether or not the documents are acknowledged relies on the opinion of the public authority experts handling them on each side. Over time, the requirements expressed too could alter, especially in light of the fact that new laws are amended for various factors.

Due to this, it is challenging for the average person or small group to seek to obtain document attestation on their own. For quick and accurate Morocco document attestation in the UAE, it is best to contact a service with a stellar reputation.

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