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US Degree Attestation For UAE

US degree attestation for the UAE is crucial for individuals holding American degrees and aiming for employment visas in the UAE. The attestation process verifies the degree’s authenticity through designated authorities in the USA, followed by the UAE embassy, ensuring the degree’s legitimacy for use in the UAE.

Once attested by the US and the UAE embassy, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE gives the final stamp of approval. This certification allows degree holders to use their credentials for visa applications, streamlining their move to work or study in the UAE. Engaging a professional attestation service can simplify and accelerate this essential procedure

Getting A US Degree Attested

It can get quite stressful when you aren’t familiar with the UAE’s attestation process. Before it becomes officially attested, your degree will undergo several steps.

A lack of organization can lead to rejection, which wastes time and money. We can complete the attestation for you in a matter of weeks.

  • Obtain swift and reliable US certificate attestation services in Dubai.
  • Ensure your documents meet legal requirements for official use.
  • Streamlined process for attesting educational, commercial, and personal certificates.
  • Navigating the complex attestation procedures requires expert assistance.

Trustworthy services for hassle-free US certificate attestation in Dubai

What is the process for US degree attestation for a UAE visa?

Attestation of a US degree certificate for use in the UAE entails five main steps:

  1. Notarization by a US Notary Public: Obtain a certified true copy of your degree certificate from a Notary Public in the USA. Not all notaries may provide this service, so it might be beneficial to engage a professional attestation company.
  2. Authentication by the Secretary of State: The document must be authenticated by the Secretary of State in the state where the degree was issued.
  3. Attestation by the US Department of State: This step involves the Department of State verifying the document and affixing the US Department of State Seal.
  4. Legalization by the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC: The next step is to have the document legalized by the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC.
  5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation in Dubai: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai must attest the document once it has returned to the UAE.

These steps ensure the document’s validity for use within the UAE, covering all necessary bases from USA certificate attestation to specific documents like US birth certificate attestation and US marriage certificate attestation, ensuring comprehensive validation for various purposes

How Long Does It Take?

The time required for the attestation process can differ based on the issuing state, as quicker attestation from the state accelerates the overall procedure. At Benchmark Attestation Services, we offer an expedited service for urgent attestation needs, though it may incur an additional fee.

We have successfully facilitated attestation for numerous US degree holders, enabling them to access attractive employment opportunities in the UAE. To initiate the process, you can send us a digital copy of your US degree, and we’ll provide you with a detailed quote. Upon your approval, we’ll commence the attestation process immediately.

For further details or to start the process, please reach out to us at our UAE office at 04-3961284 or via our hotline at +971 50 474 1340.

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  • Degree Certificate Attestation
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  • Master Degree Attestation
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  • Engg. Certificate Attestation
  • Nursing Certificate Attestation

Personal Documents Attestation

  • Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Transfer Certificate Attestation
  • Divorce Certificate Attestation
  • Singleness Certificate Attestation
  • Medical Certificate Attestation

Commercial Documents Attestation

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Article of Association
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Power of Attorney Attestation
  • Commercial Invoices Attestation
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Board Resolution Attestation

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  • Family Visa Services
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  • UAE Embassy Attestation
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