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The UAE is a prime destination for those seeking employment or education. Obtaining a Dubai residence visa requires navigating several requirements, including certificate attestation. Degree attestation in the UAE verifies the authenticity of educational certificates, ensuring applicants have the necessary academic qualifications. This essential process confirms the validity of an applicant’s credentials, making it a crucial step for establishing a career or pursuing education in Dubai.

What is a Document Attestation?

In the UAE, document attestation entails validating educational certificates to meet the UAE government’s standards. This process starts with authentication by authorities in the country of origin, such as the Ministry of External Affairs and the UAE Embassy, followed by final attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai. Document attestation is mandatory for obtaining work, student, or family visas. It ensures that the documents are genuine and meet all requirements.

What is Degree Attestation in the UAE?

Degree attestation for a UAE visa is the process of verifying the authenticity of educational certificates submitted by individuals seeking employment visas, education, or residency in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This essential procedure ensures that the educational qualifications are genuine and meet UAE standards. The degree attestation process consists of multiple steps, which can be time-consuming and complex. Here, we will outline the degree attestation process for a UAE visa, as well as the necessary steps.

What is the purpose of degree attestation?

The purpose of degree attestation in the UAE is to ensure that educational certificates are genuine and that individuals are qualified for their intended roles. This process is mandatory for several reasons:

  1. Employment Visa: Verifies job applicants’ qualifications.
  2. Higher Education: Confirms completion of required study courses.
  3. Immigration Visa: Meets immigration requirements.
  4. Professional Licensing: Demonstrates the necessary licensing qualifications

Why is degree attestation in the UAE mandatory?

Degree attestation in the UAE is mandatory for several reasons:

  • Verification of Authenticity: The attestation process ensures that educational certificates are genuine and not forged.
  • Compliance with UAE Labour Laws: It ensures that individuals have the necessary qualifications to perform their jobs or courses in accordance with UAE regulations.
  • Employer Protection: Attestation protects employers from hiring individuals with fake educational documents, ensuring they hire qualified candidates.
  • Education Provider Protection: It safeguards education providers from issuing fake documents, ensuring that only genuine certificates are recognised

What is the process for degree attestation for a UAE visa?

The degree attestation process for a UAE visa involves several detailed steps that can be time-consuming and complex. Here’s the UAE’s streamlined process for degree attestation:

Step 1: Notary Public Attestation (Notarization):

Get your original degree certificates or transcripts notarized by the Notary Public or the authorised educational board in the country where you completed your studies. This step confirms that the certificates are genuine and issued by an accredited institution.

Step 2: Certification from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

After notarization, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your home country must authenticate the documents. This step verifies the authenticity of the documents and certifies that they are genuine.

Step 3: Attestation from the UAE Embassy in your home country:

The authenticated documents are then verified by the UAE Embassy in your home country. The embassy ensures the documents are genuine and issues their certification.

Step 4: MOFA Attestation in Dubai:

Finally, after the UAE embassy attestation, the documents must be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Dubai. MOFA verifies the documents’ authenticity and provides the final certification

How can we assist you with your degree verification?

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