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With over nine million immigrants, the UAE is a diverse hub, attracting many seeking better opportunities. For residence visas, including educational, employment, and business setup, the UAE mandates that all foreign nationals provide attested documents to verify their authenticity for visa issuance. As a result, foreign nationals must have their documents attested by their home country’s foreign ministry, the UAE Embassy there, and then the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since the UAE is not a party to the Hague Conventions, it doesn’t accept apostille.

What is an apostille?

An apostille is a certification under the Hague Convention of 1961 that authenticates the signature and authority of the person who signed a document for international use, streamlining its acceptance among member countries without needing further embassy attestation.

Hague Convention member countries, which do not include the UAE, only recognize apostilles for documents like birth and marriage certificates.

Is the UAE a member country of the Hague Apostille Convention?

No, the UAE is not part of the Hague Apostille Convention. Documents for use in the UAE require attestation, involving verification by the issuing country, the UAE embassy there, and the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Among the GCC countries, the members of the Apostille Convention are:

  1. Oman
  2. Bahrain
  3. Saudi Arabia

What certificates require document attestation for use in the UAE?

  1. Educational Certificates: Degrees, diplomas, and academic transcripts.
  2. Personal Documents: Birth, marriage, and divorce certificates; medical certificates; and police clearance certificates.
  3. Professional Documents: Employment contracts and professional experience letters.
  4. Commercial Documents: Business registration certificates and financial documents.
  5. Legal Documents: Court papers, legal agreements, and adoption documents.

What is the difference between document attestation and apostille?

The key differences between document attestation and apostille are their process, purpose, and the countries recognizing them:


  1. The Hague Apostille Convention of 1961 established a streamlined certification process.
  2. Recognized by countries that are members of the Hague Convention.
  3. It involves a single certification, making documents legally valid in all member countries without further consulate legalization or embassy attestation.
  4. Personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and educational documents are the main use cases for them.

Document Attestation:

  1. A more detailed process for countries not part of the Hague Convention.
  2. It involves multiple steps: verification from the issuing country’s authorities, attestation by the destination country’s embassy in the issuing country, and final verification by the destination country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).
  3. Required for a broader range of documents, including personal, educational, commercial, and legal documents.
  4. The process of ensuring legal recognition of documents in the destination country is typically more complex and time-consuming than apostille.

What is an apostille attestation?

Apostille attestation is a method of legalizing public documents for use globally. However, recognizing documents in the UAE requires a different process of authentication and legalization. The process involves verifying the document with the relevant authority in the issuing country, legalizing it at the embassy or consulate of the destination country, and obtaining attestation from that country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This multi-step process is essential for countries that are not part of the Hague Convention and therefore do not accept Apostille certifications.

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  • Birth Certificate Attestation
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  • Medical Certificate Attestation

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  • Memorandum of Association
  • Article of Association
  • Certificate of Incumbency
  • Power of Attorney Attestation
  • Commercial Invoices Attestation
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Board Resolution Attestation

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