Certificate Attestation

Canada Degree Attestation

Canada Degree Attestation

People who obtained degrees from Canadian institutions have to get their certificates attested before applying for an employment or student visa in the UAE.

The UAE has strict attestation requirements for foreign nationals looking to work or pursue higher education in the country.

By getting Canadian degrees attested, foreign nationals can prove that their certificates are legitimate and have the necessary qualifications.

Because the attestation process requires multiple steps, we recommend hiring an attestation services provider like Benchmark Attestation Services. We’ve never experienced a rejected application in our many years of service.

Our team is meticulous; we pay attention to minor details, so you don’t have to. You can rest assured that your Canadian degree attestation will be completed correctly and on time when you hire us

Attesting Canadian Documents For UAE

Since Canada doesn’t issue an Apostille, its attestation process is slightly different from other countries. The attestation process is known as Authentication and Legalization.

Before submitting certificates for Authentication and Legalization, they would need to go through Notarization. This is when a Notary Public attaches a signed notary seal to the degree that guarantees its authenticity.

The Process Of Getting A Canadian Degree Attested

Your degree will need to be notarized by a Notary Public or a lawyer who will attach a signed notary seal to your degree.

After your documents have been notarized, we will submit them to Global Affairs Canada for authentication. They will attach a Certificate of Authentication to your degree.

Once the authentication is complete, we will send your degree to the UAE Embassy in Ottawa; the embassy will attach a Legalization Certificate on the first page.

The UAE Embassy will require your educational institute to send the transcripts directly; the transcripts will need to be sent in a sealed envelope.

Note that the UAE embassy will not begin the attestation process until it receives the transcripts. You will need to pay a fee to the embassy for its services. Payments will need to be made through certified checks, money orders, or bank drafts issued in Canada. The payment is non-refundable, which is why it’s so important to get the paperwork right on the first go.

This is the last stage of the attestation process in Canada; we will send your degree back to the UAE.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE will give you the final stamp of approval; after this stage, your Canadian degree is fully attested and can be used to obtain a residential visa in the UAE.

If you send us an electronic copy Canadian degree, we’ll give you a quote containing a breakdown of the costs.

Feel free to get in touch with our team for more information. You can contact us by calling our UAE number 04-3961284 or our hotline at +971 50 474 1340

How does it work?

It might be difficult to certify a UK document, as the procedure varies according on the kind of document you have and who you need to deliver it to. We’ve defined the steps that each document must take below to make things easier for you, but keep in mind that the steps for some papers may differ from this. Contact us for a free, individualized quote to ensure that we can give you the most accurate information possible.

notary plublic
Notary Plublic
Notary Plublic
Global Affairs in Ottawa
Global Affairs in Ottawa
UAE Attestation
UAE Embassy in Ottawa
UAE Embassy in Ottawa
MOFA Attestation
MOFA Attestation Dubai
MOFA Attestation Dubai
Translation from English into Arabic

Your paper may occasionally also need to be translated into Arabic. Again, it is best to check as your company may handle this for you. If necessary, an accredited professional translator from English to Arabic translates the entire document along with any pertinent stamps. When the translation is finished, all the necessary steps have been taken to ensure that it can be used in the UAE.

Translation from English into Arabic

Why Benchmark Attestation Service?

You can count on our team to keep you updated at every step, so you’re always aware of the progress. If you need help with the attestation of Canadian degree certificates in the UAE, contact our team by calling our UAE number 04-3961284 or our hotline at +971 52 888 4714.