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Marriage Certificate Attestation

What is a Marriage Certificate?

The couple, witnesses, and officiant all sign a document that witnesses to the marriage’s completion. It also contains information about the ceremony, such as the date and location.

What is a marriage certificate attestation?

If your marriage certificate lacks authenticating stamps, it will not be accepted internationally. Authorities in other nations are informed that a document has been legally procured and is authorized for use in official procedures through the authentication and legalization process, often known as an apostille or attestation. The nation that issued the document and the nation in which it will be utilized are both partners in the process. It would be difficult for a nation to prove the authenticity of a document issued by another nation without this procedure.

How to attest Marriage certificate in the UAE?

Marriage certificate attestation in the UAE is a multi-step process that certifies the legitimacy of your marriage certificate from your home country, allowing it to be recognized and legitimate in the UAE for a variety of purposes such as visa applications, employment, and other legal needs.

Here’s a summary of the general steps in the attestation process:

  1. Notarization of the Marriage Certificate: The marriage certificate must first be notarized in the country where it was issued. A recognized notary public certifies the document’s validity and verifies it as a true copy of the original.
  2. Attestation by the home country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA): The MOFA or a comparable authority in your home country should attest the document after notarization. This stage checks the document’s authenticity and ensures that it fulfils the required standards.
  3. Attestation by the Home Country’s UAE Embassy: Following that, the UAE Embassy or your home country’s consulate in the UAE must certify the marriage certificate. This is to ensure that the marriage certificate is recognized and can be legally used in the UAE.
  4. Translation of the marriage certificate (if required): If the marriage certificate is not in official Languages, it may need to be translated. The translated document should also go through the attestation process.
  5. Final Attestation by the UAE’s MOFA: Upon arrival in the UAE, you must get the document attested by the UAE’s MOFA. This is the final proof of the document’s legitimacy and legality in the UAE.
  6. Additional Attestation from the Respective Consulate in the UAE (if required): Depending on the purpose of the attestation, you may require further attestation from your home country’s consulate in the UAE.

It is critical to have all of the necessary documents ready, including the original marriage certificate, valid identity documents for both spouses, and any other documents requested by the authorities. Also, check to see if a notarized Arabic translation of the marriage certificate is required. This laborious process aims to make your marriage certificate valid for use in the UAE for legal, personal, or employment purposes.

Remember that the standards and method may vary significantly depending on your specific scenario or changes in the regulatory environment, so it’s always a good idea to talk with or engage professional attestation services to ensure a smooth process.

What is the purpose of the attestation of marriage certificates in the UAE?

In the UAE, attestation of a marriage certificate is required for a variety of legal and administrative purposes, particularly for expats and residents. Here are some common applications:

  1. Attested marriage certificates are frequently requested when applying for a spouse’s residency visa. It serves as legal proof of the marriage between the visa applicant and the sponsor.
  2. Passport and ID Services: An attested marriage certificate may be required for passport renewals or identity card applications, particularly if the spouse’s name needs to be added or endorsed.
  3. Employment and Sponsorship: Certain employment benefits and spouse sponsorship may require the production of an attested marriage certificate to establish the family’s status.
  4. Banking & Financial Services: When opening a joint bank account or obtaining a house loan, couples are often required to produce an authenticated marriage certificate as confirmation of their marital status.
  5. Health Insurance: Including a spouse in a health insurance policy may necessitate an authenticated marriage certificate to demonstrate the relationship between the policyholder and the beneficiary.
  6. Educational Purposes: When enrolling children in school, parents may be required to provide an authenticated marriage certificate as part of the documentation procedure.
  7. Legal and court proceedings: In any legal issue or court procedure where marital status must be established or confirmed, an authenticated marriage certificate can be critical evidence.
  8. Property and Investment: When purchasing property or making large investments as a couple, an authenticated marriage certificate may be required to prove the legal partnership and ownership rights.

The attestation provides a layer of validity to the document, ensuring its recognition and acceptance by government agencies, legal organizations, and numerous institutions within the UAE.

What is the cost and time frame for attesting a marriage certificate?

If you hire a specialist for marriage certificate attestation services, we can finish the attestation process in about 5–10 days, depending on the country.

Benchmark Attestation Services endeavours to speed up the process for all of our clients, ensuring that your papers arrive on time. We’ll offer you an estimate of when you may expect to receive your documents while we collect them from you. Translation, the government fee from the issuing country, and the UAE’s attestation fee make up the total cost of marriage certificate attestation in Dubai. In terms of service fees, we endeavour to make our customers’ lives easy by offering low rates on all attestation certificates.

We understand how exhausting the attestation process can be, so we make every effort to make it as painless as possible. We will keep you updated at every stage. We have served thousands of clients and never had a rejection. Our team is experienced with the attestation process and can complete it quickly.

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