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UK Certificate Attestation In Dubai

Like any other foreign national seeking residency in Dubai, UK nationals also have to provide attested certificates to apply for a visa. UK citizens must have their educational certificates attested by the relevant British authorities and the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

In the UK, attestation starts with the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) that offer apostille services. The procedure for getting documents attested in the UK has changed recently. Instead of starting the UK attestation process with a notary or the British Council in Dubai, all documents must be sent to a solicitor in the UK who verifies their legitimacy and provides a stamp of approval.

Which UK universities have recognized campuses in the UAE?

In the UAE, there are eight UK universities with branch campuses, including Bath Spa University, Birmingham City University, Heriot Watt University, Middlesex University, University of Bolton, University of Birmingham, University of Stirling, and University of West London.

How do I validate my Degree in the UK?

To validate a UK-issued degree, your degree certificate alone is sufficient. For degrees from non-UK institutions, you will need the following: a copy of your degree certificate and an Academic Qualification Level Statement (AQUALS) from Ecctis (previously known as UK NARIC), which verifies that your degree is equivalent to a UK qualification.

Is UK degree certificate valid in Dubai?

Yes, a UK degree certificate is valid in Dubai after completing the required attestation steps, including verifications by UK and UAE authorities, making it recognized for various purposes in Dubai.

Is UK Certificate Attestation mandatory for UAE visa?

UK certificate attestation is mandatory for a UAE visa. It validates your documents, like educational or marriage certificates, through relevant authorities in the issuing country, the UAE embassy there, and the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

What is the process for UK certificate attestation?

  1. Send the document to a solicitor in the UK: A solicitor in the UK will guarantee that the document is legitimate and sign it. Give us your documents, and we’ll send them to the UK using a trusted courier service.
  1. Apostille from Foreign, Commonwealth& Development Office (FCDO): We will submit the certificate to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO-UK) for attestation and legalisation after the solicitor has stamped and signed it. Before submitting certificates to the FCO, British Overseas Territories must have them attested by the local government.
  1. Attestation by the UAE Embassy in London: Once the relevant UK entities legalise the certificates, they will be sent to the UAE embassy in London via courier to be attested. The UAE embassy provides the final stamp of approval in the UK; once it attests the certificate, we will send it to the UAE.
  1. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation (MOFA Attestation): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the final authoritative body in the UAE that stamps and signs certificates for attestation.

What is the duration of the UK Attestation process?

The UK attestation process can be finalized within a few weeks. At Benchmark Attestation Services, we pride ourselves on providing efficient and cost-effective services to facilitate your attestation needs smoothly. With our partners in the UK monitoring the progression and offering consistent updates, you’re always informed about the status of your documents. Our meticulous attention to detail guarantees the timeliness of the process. Serving thousands of clients successfully, we boast a record of zero rejected applications.

Your UK document attestation journey with our expert assistance

The process of attesting UK documents for the UAE involves multiple steps across both countries, making it a complex procedure. It’s advisable to entrust your documents to skilled professionals for peace of mind. Please provide us with a digital copy of your UK certificate, and our team will quickly respond with a complimentary quote. Upon your approval, we’ll commence the attestation process.

If you’re a UK national planning to move to the UAE and need attestation services, reach out to us at our UAE office at 04-3961284 or call our hotline on +971 50 4741340.

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  • Birth Certificate Attestation
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  • Medical Certificate Attestation

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  • Memorandum of Association
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  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Board Resolution Attestation

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