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Egypt Certificate Attestation

Embarking on a relocation journey to another country involves navigating through various bureaucratic challenges, such as securing visas, finding living arrangements, and familiarising oneself with the prerequisites for settling in a foreign land. In the context of relocating to the UAE, it becomes crucial to undergo the process of Egypt certificate attestation for your documents. This step ensures that documents issued in Egypt are formally recognised for use in visa applications and employment processes in the UAE.

Since neither the United Arab Emirates nor Egypt are signatories to the Hague Convention, which simplifies the document authentication process through Apostille, Egypt certificate attestation becomes a necessary procedure for validating documents for use in non-member countries like the UAE for employment, visa applications, and other official purposes.

Egypt Certificate Attestation in Dubai

Egypt Certificate Attestation in Dubai involves the formal legalisation of documents for both domestic and international purposes. For example, individuals seeking employment in the United Arab Emirates must authenticate their educational certificates, including degrees and possibly transcripts. Similarly, the legalisation of birth and marriage certificates is essential for families applying for residency visas.

What is the purpose of Egypt's document attestation?

Egyptian certificate attestation refers to the formal legalisation of documents to ensure their acceptance both within local jurisdictions and internationally. For example, individuals looking to work in the United Arab Emirates are required to have their educational certificates, such as degrees and academic transcripts, authenticated. Additionally, the legalisation of birth and marriage certificates is crucial for families seeking residency visas in the UAE.

Key Reasons for Attesting Egyptian Documents Include:

  • Registering a birth in the UAE
  • Conducting a marriage ceremony in the UAE
  • Applying for an Equivalency Certificate with the UAE Ministry of Education
  • Applying for the Golden Visa in Dubai
  • Completing the process for a UAE visa application

What are the procedures for attesting various Egyptian documents?

  • Attestation of Birth Certificates
  • Legalisation of Marriage Certificates
  • Legalisation of Egyptian Police Certificates
  • Attestation of Degrees from Egypt
  • Authentication of Egyptian Commercial Documents
  • Certification of Singleness Documents from Egypt
  • Verification of Educational Documents
  • Attestation of Salary Certificates
  • Attestation of Experience Certificates in Egypt.

Given that documents issued in Egypt are in Arabic, there might be a need for legal translation. Legal translation involves converting a document into the required language by a receiving country, including the translation agency’s name, the translator’s name, and their official seal. Without the translator’s signatures and the agency’s seal, the document does not qualify as a legal translation.

How do I attest my marriage certificate for my UAE residence visa in Egypt?

  • Verification by the Issuing Authority
  • Authentication by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
  • Attestation from the Egyptian consulate in Dubai.
  • Translation (if necessary)
  • Final Attestation by MoFAIC in the UAE

Ensure to verify any specific requirements, including document preparation, fees, and appointments, with each authority involved in the attestation process.

How much is the Egypt Embassy attestation fee in Dubai?

The consular fees for Egypt Embassy attestation in Dubai can vary based on the type of document being attested and any additional services required. Typically, embassy attestation fees are 180 AED per document and are subject to change, so it’s best to contact the Egyptian Consulate or Embassy directly in Dubai for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding attestation fees.

How do I attest my degree certificate in Egypt for a UAE residence visa?

Step 1: Verification by the Ministry of Education in Egypt: Educational documents require initial verification by the Ministry of Education, a crucial step for further attestation. This may involve issuing new certificates for older records.

Step 2: Authentication by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Following the verification of both personal and educational documents, the subsequent step involves attestation by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. When MOFA Egypt has stamped the documents, they are prepared for submission to any embassy or consulate in Egypt for international use.

Step 3: Legalisation by the UAE Embassy in Cairo: The UAE Embassy in Cairo must legalise your documents to ensure their acceptance in the UAE. This constitutes the final step of the attestation process in Egypt. Documents lacking the UAE Embassy’s seal will not be eligible for processing in the UAE.

Step 4: Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai: For UAE visa applications, your documents require the Dubai MOFA Attestation stamps. This represents the sole authentication step needed within the UAE.

The Egypt Consulate in Dubai offers document attestation services.

Our team of expert legalisation consultants is ready to assist you with document attestation services through the Egypt Consulate in Dubai. If you’re residing in the UAE and require your documents to be legally recognised in Egypt, we’ll facilitate both the UAE MOFA Attestation and authentication by the Egypt Consulate for your paperwork.

Please forward copies of your documents to us, and we’ll provide you with a no-obligation quote!

For further assistance or to begin the process, reach out to us via our hotline at +971 52 888 4714 or call us on our landline at +971 4 396 1284.

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