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Switzerland Certificate Attestation

Certificates issued from Switzerland need to be attested before you can use them in the United Arab Emirates. Switzerland, as one of the members of the Hague Treaty Convention, legalizes its documents through Apostille – can be used in 119 nations worldwide. However, the United Arab Emirates is not an Apostille country. Therefore, foreign nationals who want to work, live, and study in the UAE need to have their documents attested.

For attestation, foreign nationals need to complete full attestation from the issuing country of the certificates they have, then UAE attestation.

What is the procedure for Switzerland Certificates Attestation for UAE use?

1.Certified True Copy by Notary

Switzerland authorities will notarize your document’s Certified True Copy in this process. A certified true copy will be accepted for abroad use, as long as it is notarized and fully attested.

2.Authentication from the Federal Chancellery

After notarizing your document’s Certified True Copy, it is furtherly authenticated from Switzerland’s Federal Chancellery to verify that your certificate is genuine and can be used abroad.

3.UAE Embassy attestation in Bern

The last step for the attestation in Switzerland would be UAE Embassy’s stamping. This is required by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE before they do the final attestation.

4.Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation in the UAE

After completing the attestation in Switzerland, the only attestation in UAE would be from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Once this is done, you can use your certificate legally in the UAE.

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