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Step-by-step instruction for legalizing of TEFL certificate

TEFL certificate

When you accept an English teacher job that has been offered to you abroad, one of the requirements is to have your TEFL certificate legalized. Here, the apostille serves as a formal declaration of validity outside the borders of the originating nation.

This often occurs when you want to be able to work legally abroad, and getting what is required can initially seem to provide challenges. That impression should be allayed by the clear explanation of this procedure that follows.

Although it does need some time, effort, and money, the legalization procedure is actually pretty simple. Use our step-by-step instructions to help you legalize your TEFL certificate if you choose to do this procedure on your own.

  • Collecting the Needed Documents for TEFL Documents Legalization:

    Typically, your preferred attestation agency will request that you prepare the following three key papers.

    • TEFL or TESOL qualification document attesting to the completion of at least 120 hours
    • College degree
    • Check for criminal records
    • Each of these credentials needs to be legalized from the nation where it was issued, therefore anyone who has completed a TEFL course must obtain UK legalization before they may use the certificate overseas.
Step-by-step instructions for legalizing of TEFL certificate
Step-by-step instructions for legalizing of TEFL certificate
  • How to Show There Is No Criminal Record:This would be handled by a somewhat different entity depending on your country of origin. Typically, you have to pay for the service, and whether you have to appear in person depends on the applicable laws in your nation.
  • Certification of the Documents: Make copies as soon as you receive word that your criminal history certificate has been issued, and then take those to a notary. The duplicates would receive this official’s stamp and signature, making them just as valid as the original. In some nations, a Notary Public is the only person who can complete this task; in others, a bank, lawyer, accountant, or doctor can.
  • Legalization of the Documents: Send the certified copies to the relevant government agency, who will apostille each of the documents you send in by stamping the apostille certificate. The legalization phase of the procedure is now complete, which can be sped up by working with the ideal agency.
  • Obtaining document attestation: This is handled by the embassy of the country of destination. Your legalized certificates must be delivered there in person or sent. If everything proceeds smoothly, the embassy will send you the attested documents in less than a week. Knowing the top attestation providers in Abu Dhabi is beneficial in the interim.

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