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Russian Certificate Attestation for UAE

For a wider range of options in business, education, or careers, many expats go to the UAE. However, there is a lengthy process involved in applying for a visa in the UAE. For your certifications and documentation from the issuing nation to be accepted in the UAE, adequate attestation is required.

Before accepting submissions for visa processing, the United Arab Emirates requires that documents issued in Russia have valid attestation. Before the attestation is complete, a certified translation is needed because certificates in Russia are not provided in English.

Russian Document Attestation in UAE

Step 1: Ministry of Justice Attestation in Moscow, Russia

Russian certificates must be translated into English to be accepted in any consulates or embassies inside Russia. Most documents being processed are Russian Degree certificates, Birth certificates, and marriage certificates. Once the translation from Russian to English has been finalized, the Ministry of Justice in Russia will certify the document for confirmation.

The Russian and English versions of the document will be compiled together to be recognized as one document.

Step 2: Attestation from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Before the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Russia accepts documents for attestation, they must have the original authentication seal from MOFA Russia. Russia’s MOFA seal confirms that the document is genuine and can be submitted for any consulate’s legalization for use abroad.

Step 3: UAE Embassy Attestation in Russia

Once the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs attests your document, the final attestation you will need from Russia is the UAE Embassy Attestation. The consular officers will stamp your document as a confirmation that you can submit the paper to the UAE MOFA for legal purposes.

Step 4: MOFA Attestation in Dubai

Getting an attestation from the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the first and last authentication you will need in the UAE unless you are required for a Legal Arabic Translation by the UAE government. MOFA UAE seal gives its final attestation seal on your document for UAE visa processing.

In some cases, as mentioned above, Russian documents to be used in the UAE must have a Legal Arabic translation after the MOFA UAE Attestation. Our legalization experts can assist with the entire Russian document attestation from the home country until the UAE.

If the UAE government requires an Arabic translation, here are the additional procedures after MOFA Dubai Attestation

Step 5: Legal Translation to Arabic

You must process legal Arabic translation after getting the final authentication seal from Dubai MOFA. The United Arab Emirates has accredited legal translators to do the process for you. The translator will mention the document’s details until the complete attestation stamps on the final draft of the legal translation.

Step 6: Ministry of Justice Attestation in UAE

Any legal translation done in the UAE must have an attestation from the UAE MOJ if the document will be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Dubai for the attestation on the translation’s hard copy. The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) attestation verifies that the translation has been provided by an authorized legal translator in the country, issued by the correct relevant department, and has the accurate translation of the attestation stamps.

Step 7: MOFA UAE Attestation on Translation

After the attestation from the Ministry of Justice, like in Russia, UAE has the same procedure. UAE MOFA must put a final seal on the MOJ-attested translation document. This confirms that the MOJ seal that the translation has is genuine.

Once the MOFA Dubai authentication is done, you can submit the document for UAE visa processing.

For Russian certificate authentication assistance, please contact our Hotline at +971 50 474 1340  or our Landline at +971 4 396 1284.

Russian Document Attestation in UAE

Since our inception, we’ve had the pleasure of assisting thousands of Russian nationals with the attestation process in the UAE. Although the process can be frustrating, we’re here to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible.

You can count on our team to keep you updated at every step, so you’re always aware of the progress.

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