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Medical Certificate Attestation for Sick Leaves

Medical Certificate Attestation

Medical Certificate Attestation: No matter how long they have been in effect, sick leaves, medical reports, and sick leave certificates issued by private or public health facilities within the nation may be authenticated in order to be submitted to employers.

Only after the probationary period is over does an employee have the right to a sick leave allowance of up to 90 days per year.

However, with the employer’s permission and based on a medical report produced by the medical organization that specifies the need for the leave, the employee may take a sick day without pay during the probationary term.

However, in the following circumstances, the employee is not qualified for a paid sick leave:

  • Throughout the trial period
  • If the employee’s actions, such as drinking too much alcohol or using drugs, caused the disease,
  • If the employee disobeyed the safety instructions in violation of the UAE law and the norms outlined in the company’s regulations, which the employee was made aware of.

Giving notice of a sick leave to your employer

Article 31 of the UAE Labor Law mandates that employees provide their employers with a medical report on their condition that was given by a medical organization within three days of being ill.

Can a sick employee be fired from their job?

While an employee is on sick leave, the company cannot fire him or send him a termination notice. If an employee takes all of his 90 days of sick leave and is unable to return to work, the employer has the right to terminate his employment. In this situation, the employee is entitled to end-of-service benefits in line with labor law rules.

Medical Certificate Attestation for Sick Leaves
Medical Certificate Attestation for Sick Leaves

What does attesting a medical certificate mean?

The Medical Certificate is a statement that a qualified physician has signed confirming that the patient has undergone a medical examination. It goes by the term “Sick Report.”

In the UAE, the certificate could be necessary to get health benefits including sick time, short- and long-term leaves of absence, health insurance claims, and so forth. To allow the usage of certifications in Dubai, the UAE requires the medical certificate attestation. By attestation, you can further confirm the validity and originality of the provided papers.

How to Attest a Medical Certificate in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  1. Proof from the country of origin
  2. Embassy of the UAE in your country
  3. AE Embassy MOFA.

Attestation of a medical certificate is required for

The act of approved departments, individuals, or authorities attesting to a medical certificate occurs in the United Arab Emirates. In the UAE, it is necessary for documents pertaining to visas and other purposes. A medical certification’s validity and authenticity are ensured through attestation

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