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How significant is MEA Attestation in the UAE?

MEA Attestation

According to UAE immigration legislation, all immigrants, regardless of their reason for entering the nation, must have their academic and professional credentials confirmed by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). MEA Attestation is a criterion that must be met. So what is the process for UAE MEA attestation? What are the specifications?

Indian citizens must have their educational, professional, and personal documents authenticated by the Indian Embassy, Indian Consulate in the UAE, or the MEA in India if they originate in India. The attestation’s goal is to vouch for each document’s legitimacy. The UAE Government’s (Ministry of External Affairs) MEA receives the authenticated documents and forwards them for attestation and clearance. Before granting a visa, the UAE requires that these steps be completed.

Degree certificates, diplomas, birth certificates, marriage certificates, driver’s licenses, company documents, registrations, and licenses are just a few of the documents that require verification.

Why do the UAE demand MEA Attestation?

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) must certify the professional, personal, and educational documentation of foreign nationals moving to the UAE for employment, commercial purposes, studies, etc. This is mostly done to check credentials, screen out phony applications, and make sure that people entering the nation have the necessary skill sets for the jobs they are being employed for and are who they claim to be. The attestations attest that the documents are authentic and have not been forged or faked in any way.

In the UAE, educational documents are attested for the following reasons:

  • To obtain a work visa or permit
  • In the UAE, higher education
  • For medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and medication specialists, etc.
  • In the UAE, non-educational document attestation serves the following purposes, to apply for a resident visa on behalf of a spouse, kids, parents, etc.
  • Commercial documents, such as articles of incorporation or memoranda of association, powers of attorney, etc., must be attested for entrance into a school utilizing a transfer certificate. Commercial document attestation’s objectives in the UAE are:\
    • Company registration
    • Opening bank accounts
    • Ending LLC partnership

What is the procedure for UAE attestation?

The attestation processes change based on the type of certificate. Subgroups of certificates are categorized.

Educational certificates: These are documents attesting to the applicant’s academic accomplishments. Therefore, it is necessary to verify all academic certifications, including the High School Certificate (HSC), Senior School Certificate (SSC), degree certificates, and diploma certificates. In the UAE, educational credentials are required for a work visa. The applicant will need to present the migration certificate and school leaving certificate if the application is for a study visa.

How significant is MEA Attestation in the UAE?
How significant is MEA Attestation in the UAE?

Non-educational certificates: These documents may be personal or corporate-related certifications. The marriage license, birth and death certificates, passport, driver’s license, and other personal documents are examples. The applicant’s work experience credentials must be included if they are or were employed in India.

Commercial paperwork pertaining to a person’s business or company in India must be submitted by those who seek to develop an existing business or corporation. All paperwork presented for attestation to the UAE must be the original.

What is the UAE’s MEA Attestation Process?

Authentication procedures for documents from India vary depending on the type of certificate: Competent authorities in the State or Union Territory (UT) where the documents were originally issued must verify any documents that MEA’s authentication is required.

The State/UT Education Department’s or Human Resource Development (HRD) unit’s attestation is required for educational documents. Along with the department seal, the authentication must also bear the signatory’s name and designation stamp.

Non-educational documents issued by the relevant State Dept. or UT are attested by the State Home Dept. or the General Administration Dept. (GAD). The attestations must include the authorized signatory’s name and designating seal.

Papers pertaining to commerce and business are pre-validated by the relevant Chamber of Commerce with a rubber stamp displaying the name and title of the authorized officer. After the relevant departments have validated the documents, the MEA attests them.

Benchmark Attestation Service in the UAE

Attesting documents is a laborious process that costs money, time, patience, effort, and effort. The process of getting the documents authenticated may need you to rush from pillar to post. The good news is that reputable companies offering attestation services in the UAE can complete the task for a reasonable cost. It is a valid and legal process that is used everywhere.

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