Certificate Attestation

Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE

Marriage Certificate Attestation

A marriage certificate is a legal certificate issued by a government to prove that two individuals have married each other. It may be required for specific reasons, but mostly for wives or husbands needing a visa in a country where they are not locals.

Marriage Certificate | Category of Attestation

Documents are attested depending on their type and the government department which issued them. They include:

  • Educational Documents
  • Non-Educational/Personal Documents
  • Commercial Documents

A marriage certificate is under personal documents or non-educational documents due to its nature and purpose. Government Departments Involved in Marriage Certificate Attestation

Individuals needing attestation need to submit their marriage certificate and its supporting documents to the authorized government departments:

  • The government department which issued the marriage certificate
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the issuing-country of the certificate
  • The localized Embassy of the country where the attested marriage certificate needs to be submitted
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the country that required the attestation.

Supporting Documents Required for Marriage Certificate Attestation

  • Original Marriage Certificate
  • Authority Letter Requesting Marriage Certificate Attestation
  • Original National Identity Cards of both Partners
  • Original Passports of both Partners
  • A copy of all the documents mentioned above

Process for Marriage Certificate Attestation

Here is the most commonly followed method of marriage certificate attestation;

The issuing department or authority needs to be contacted for marriage certificate attestation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country authenticates the certificate. Authorized officials do the attestation by coordinating with the legally-authorized people who attested the certificate.

The authenticated and verified certificate is then submitted to the country’s Embassy, requiring attestation.

After the attestation is completed from the issuing country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country that required the attestation will attest the document – the last step.

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