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How Can I Get An Indian Single Status Certificate?

Indian Single Status Certificate

Transnational weddings are now rather popular, whether the couple is from India, China, the US, the UK, or any other nation. With well over 15 million Indians living abroad and India serving as the world’s greatest source of international migrants.

It is inevitable that many of them will wed people from other nations. The road for India to accomplishing this, though, is not straightforward and calls for a document known as a Indian Single Status Certificate

Why do we need Single Status Certificate?

A certificate verifying one’s bachelorhood is known as a Single Status Certificate, often referred to as a Singleness Certificate. Or, to put it another way, a legal document that details a person’s marital status in accordance with national judicial legislation.

It is a self-sworn declaration, not an official document, that the affiant is single or has no dependents (in the event of a divorce) from any prior marriages. This gives the affiant permission to get married anywhere in the world.

A certificate must undergo certificate attestation or certificate apostille if it simply states the marital status is invalid. Document attestation simply refers to the home government’s legalization of a certain document to boost its legitimacy. A certificate must, however, be apostille for some Hague Convention signatory nations. The Single Status Certificate’s Attestation renders the document valid and recognized internationally.

The issuing authority is who?

There is no specific issuing authority because a Single Status Certificate is not required in India. But after submitting the required proof of bachelorhood, the affidavit can be prepared by a notary public and stamped by a District Magistrate (DM) or Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). The affidavit must next go through certified attestation at the relevant embassy and receive a stamp of approval from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) or the Home Department.

  • The fundamental building block of the legal system is the notary. The government has authorized notaries to vouch for the legitimacy of documents. They check the required paperwork before stamping and signing as appropriate.
  • The SDM, also known as the Sub-Divisional Magistrate or the Home Department, is the district subdivision’s top official. The SDM confirms the affidavit and seals the document, attesting to the validity of the certificate attestation.
  • The highest authority in the certificate attestation process is the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). The document is considered to be authorized by the domestic government once the MEA stamp has been applied.
  • Embassy – The institution that stands in for the host nation is the Embassy. The majority of document authentications don’t need embassy permission. However, in some cases, upon MEA clearance, the certificate must be apostilled and the document must be stamped by the Embassy.

Step-by-Step Process for Indian Single Status Certificate

The procedure for applying for certificate attestation is simple, although it can be completed by the applicant, members of his family, or with the aid of organizations that provide attestation and apostille services. The following list of these is detailed:

  • The steps in this path must be taken by the affiant or a member of their immediate family. When a relative is involved, the applicant must create a Power of Attorney confirming their consent and permission for the relative to carry out the procedures on their behalf. The process begins with them preparing an affidavit, which they then take to the neighborhood District Magistrate or Sub-Divisional Magistrate to get stamped and signed by the appropriate official. They must next travel to the Ministry of External Affairs to receive the MEA stamp after receiving their permission. MEA is the last destination for the legalization process in the case of certificate apostille. A certificate must be taken to the Indian embassy or the nation you desire to marry in order to have it attested, though.
  • Given that the affiant uses professional services, attestation and apostille services are significantly easier and quicker than other options. The applicant only needs to provide the agency with the required paperwork in order for them to prepare the draft. The document is authenticated by the MEA/Home department after being stamped by the Certificate Attestation and Apostille Agency.
  •  Since the MEA and embassies are located in different regions, it is strongly advised to employ expert assistance when attesting these documents’ certificates. This prevents mistakes from being made while saving a lot of time and money.

Documents Requirement for Single Status Certificate

  • Affidavit: A statement on stamp paper indicating the applicant is single and that it includes his name, address, proof of identity, and witnesses.
  • Any document demonstrating the applicant’s residency at the specified address is considered an address proof. for instance, a rental agreement, a bank passbook, a voter ID, and an Aadhar card.
  • An authentic passport or visa.
  • Documents proving the applicant’s birth date, such as birth certificates and transcripts, are considered proof of birth.
  • Proof from the applicant’s parents: A letter confirming that the applicant’s parents are single. also their Aadhar cards or voter identification cards.

If the applicant is a divorcee, they must also provide the following documents in addition to those listed above:

  • If the affiant is lawfully divorcing, decree absolute.
  • Death Certificate in the event of their ex-spouse’s passing

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