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Dubai Newborn Baby’s Visa Stamping

Birth Certificate Attestation

Procedure for Visa Stamping for Newborn Baby in Dubai:

  • Customers should only attend the immigration (GDRFA) office after their online application has been approved. If approval or modification is given, the customer will be notified through SMS. Zajel courier will pick up and deliver regular applications. After receiving an SMS confirming clearance, urgent fee-paid applicants should bring the passports of their relatives to Immigration for visa stamping.
  • The AMER Center will handle the processing of all fees, such as the Visa fee, Courier fees, and file opening fees. Only the bank account of the sponsor’s business can receive refunds. An applicant’s sponsor’s IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is necessary.

Required Documents: 

  1. Baby’s original passport.
  2. A single image with a white background.
  3. Original birth certificate (certified by the UAE Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Health) 


  4. Original passport of each parent and the sponsor’s Emirates ID
  5. Sponsor’s job contract or salary certificate (for government, semi-government, or free zone), provided that his or her salary is Dh4000 or Dh3000 plus accommodations, whichever is more.
  6. Tenancy Contracts must be registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency’s (RERA) Ejari online portal. Tenancy Agreement with Municipality Attestation if you reside outside of Dubai. + Electricity Bill
  7. Sponsor’s IBAN (International Bank Account Number)

Visa Fees:

  • Dh457 for 2 years  (Typing charge extra)
  • Dh557 for 3 years  (if the sponsor is government / semi-government / free zone staff)
  • Dh80 extra for urgent delivery of passport 
Dubai Newborn Baby's Visa Stamping
Dubai Newborn Baby’s Visa Stamping

Visa Fines:

Newborn baby’s Visa must be stamped within 120 days from the date of birth. If late, Dh25 fine per day.

Emirates ID Fine:

The application for an Emirates ID must be typed and sent with the visa application within 120 days after the applicant’s birthdate. After 120 days, there will be a Dh20 fine if you are late.

Emirates ID Fees: Dh270 for 2 years, Dh370 for 3 years.


  • Dh3020 must be paid at immigration in order to get the newborn child’s visa stamped. This regulation is effective as of 01.08.2014. Each dependent’s visa requires a deposit of Dh3020 from the investor or partner. Additionally, this sum needs to be paid at the typing center.
  • A list of partners and a commercial license (for an LLC)
  • A replica of the service agent agreement (for a professional license)
  • A copy of the partnership agreement that has been notarized, if applicable (for a professional license)

Frequently Asked Question:

Q: A month ago, our baby was born. Our Consulate issued a passport to the child. We now wish to leave Dubai without having the baby’s visa stamped. Can it be done?

A: Yes, you must apply for the baby’s out pass. Send a request letter in Arabic and payment of Dh190 to the immigration head office in Jafliya. Baby must leave within a week of the pass’s issuance date.

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