Certificate Attestation

Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE

Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE

For employment, residence, or family visa in UAE, expats must have their educational documents or certificates attested. Having documents attested is a time-consuming procedure due to the number of governmental bodies you need to visit to get your documents stamped. To complete the attestation process, expats must be aware of the guidelines of different governmental departments.

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These are the attestation process for UAE use:

  • Notary: Public Stamp on the Certificate – required for some countries.
  • Verification: State Education Department or Relevant Department
  • Authentication: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Country of Issue
  • UAE Embassy Legalization in the Country of Issue
  • Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs UA

Procedure for Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE

A notary public will stamp certificates – a legally-authorized person to notarize certificates. They confirm your identity and certificate, then sign and stamp it with their official seal. Your certificates and Identification Card are verified in this process.

The Ministry of Human Resource & Development, India (MHRD) furtherly authenticates your certificate then the state departments relevant to your type of document attests it. For example, if the degree is issued in Kerala, the state education department processes the verification.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in India authenticates the documents for use abroad.

Before using any document in the UAE, the UAE Embassy needs to authenticate the certificates in the country of issue. The Consular of the Ministry of External Affairs of India and the Consular Section in Vasant Kuj, New Delhi, must first attest your certificates before the UAE Embassy does.

The last step of the attestation process for UAE use would be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE attestation. UAE government will only accept any document or certificate with their MOFA stamp.

Getting a degree certificate attested is not simple and requires knowledge.

Benchmark Attestation is a well-known name in document attestation services because we provide affordable service promptly.

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