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Benchmark Attestation Services gives you the chance to get documents legalized for visa purposes in the UAE.

Whenever you move to another country to find employment, pursue education, start a business, and take your family, you will be required to submit attested documents. The UAE is no different; you will have to get your documents attested or apostilled to obtain employment, educational, business, and family visa.

Attempting to get documents attested yourself can be a long and stressful process.

Our team takes the responsibility of getting all your documents attested as per the UAE law so that you can begin with your visa application ASAP.

No matter what country you came from or where your documents were issued, we have the expertise to get them attested. We’ve built a network of reliable public organizations and government officials to expedite the process.

We know how critical and sensitive your documents are, so our team practices extra caution to ensure they are never misplaced in our possession.

Getting documents attested is a lengthy, frustrating process that requires visiting multiple institutions and going through tons of red tape. It’s incredibly time-consuming and will stop you from focusing on other, more critical tasks.

We suggest you let us handle all the technicalities. We’ll do all the running around for you and ensure you get the attested documents on time!


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What is attestation?

Attestation is the sign/stamp of an authorized individual (a Notary Public) or institution that verifies the authenticity of a document. Some attestations validate the authenticity of the documents' content, while others verify the signatures' legitimacy on the document.

For example, educational certificates will have to be attested by the MOFA. The Ministry accepts that the degree is legitimate and can be used for visa purposes in the UAE by stamping the degree.

All foreign nationals are asked to submit attested documents to prove their legitimacy.

Attestation of Documents and Why Is It Required?

The UAE boasts a diverse immigrant population of over 7 million people. Each year, the country opens its borders to qualified individuals and families looking to build a life in a country that offers endless opportunities.

Before legally moving to the UAE with their families, expatriates must provide attested documents to prove their legitimacy. These legalized certificates can then be used to apply for visas (educational, employment, and business).

Attestation is the process of verifying if a document is genuine. By asking for attested copies, the UAE ensures that foreign nationals have the knowledge, qualifications, and expertise to pursue relevant employment and educational opportunities in the UAE.


Why do you need to attest documents for the UAE? 

You will be required to submit authenticated documents for employment or school admission. Failing to submit attested documents can prevent you from being admitted into educational institutions, being hired by a reputable company, and legally immigrating and working abroad.

If you plan to move abroad with your family, you will have to provide an attested birth certificate to enroll your kids in schools. An attested marriage certificate is required to sponsor a spouse. The attestation process will determine the validity of the documents. Complete certificate attestation from the issuing country should be done before the attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.


Stages of Attestation

Stages of Attestation:

State Attestation:Documents will need to be sent to institutions in the state to guarantee the legitimacy of the issued document. Educational certificates will need to be attested by the state department.

The General administration departments will attest personal certificates.

Local Ministry of External/Foreign Affairs: When applying for immigration, documents need to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the applicant’s native country; this gives applicants the green light to use the documents in foreign countries. True copies and original certificates will have to be attested.

Citizens from countries that are part of the Hague Convention will need to submit an apostille form from the Ministry of External Affairs.

UAE Embassy Attestation:After the entities of the issuing country complete the attestation, we will submit it to the local UAE Embassy before being sent back to the UAE.

UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation: Once the documents are sent to the UAE, we will submit them to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) for the final stage of attestation.

Understanding an Apostille:

An apostille is a form of attestation accepted in the 113 countries members of the Hague Convention.

When documents are authenticated in a country that isn’t part of the Hague Convention, the legalization process is referred to as “attestation”; for Hague Convention nations, it is known as issuing an “apostille.”

Apostilles are issued for corporate documents (powers of attorney, company bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, etc.), educational certificates, and personal certificates.

Getting an apostille for your legal documents is a tedious and stressful process. We’re here to make your life easier! Please send us the original copies of your documents, passport copies, and a handful of passport photos. We’ll do the rest!

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