Certificate Attestation

What Is Certificate Attestation and How Does It Work?

Certificate Attestation

Nowadays, more and more individuals travel abroad each year, whether it’s for business, immigration, or further education. Your Certificate Attestation of Documents are the most crucial items you require when visiting foreign nations.

For each specific situation, these validated documents (personal, academic, or commercial) are necessary. Due to their lack of correct and full documentation, people frequently encounter difficulties and are rejected while applying for visas.

You may have noticed that individuals frequently confuse the terms “attestation” and “apostille.” There are various steps in the attestation process that are necessary to authenticate your certificates. Well, this post will assist you in comprehending

How Does Attestation Work and What Does It Mean?

In a general sense, obtaining a visa is a need if you want to visit another nation. Once all of your paperwork have been validated by higher government officials, this visa will be issued. Additionally, attestation or apostille verification may be required from a number of departments, including the HRD, MEA, SDM (Sub-divisional Magistrate), Embassy, and Notary. Let’s get a general concept of these departments:

  • Embassy attestation refers to the requirement that all required certifications be validated by the other country’s embassy or consulate in India before you go from India to another country for job, education, or immigration.
  • After a document or certificate has been reviewed at the state level, it is authenticated by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), which you will need while traveling abroad. There are two methods the Ministry of External Affairs attests documents:
    • For Hague Convention nations, certificates of birth, death, and marriage as well as affidavits, powers of attorney, and educational records must be apostille-certified.
    • All nations outside of the Hague Convention and those where an Apostille is invalid require a normal attestation. (This can be done when the document has to have an additional embassy attestation.)Certificate Attestation

What is attestation? 

By affixing the signature of the person confirming or issuing the document to it, attesting is the act of ensuring the validity of true papers and certificates. The process is submitting the original document together with any additional supporting documents, which vary depending on the country.

Different Certificate Attestations Services

  • State Attestation: Prior to MEA attestation, your state (to which you belong) must certify all of your educational and personal documentation. Documents and certificates are further processed for MEA attestation of documents after state-level authentication. When it comes to personal documents, the General Administration Department verifies them before the Ministry of External Affairs attests them.
  • MEA Attestation or Apostille: After those suitable state officials have attested, the MEA is prepared.
  • Following the MEA attestation, the Embassy/Consulate Attestation is prepared.

What is Apostille?

A customized certificate that is issued by the Secretary of State is simply known by the word “apostille.” Your original document is sealed with an apostille, which attests to its validity and authenticity, so that it can be used to travel to one of the other nations that are signatories to the Hague Apostille Convention and be accepted there.

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