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Most foreign nationals must attend a US visa interview to have their visas approved. For a nonimmigrant visa, such as a tourist visa, you must arrange and attend a visa interview.

  • The US government evaluates every applicant for a nonimmigrant visa as a possible immigrant, which is the first thing you should know about US visa interviews.
  • The applicant must persuade the consular official that this is not the case and demonstrate that they will return to their country of origin.
  • The consular officer must be informed that you do not wish to stay beyond the duration of their visitor visa.

US Visa UAE Appointment Procedure

Because we recognize how stressful a US immigration interview may be, we provide 24/7 help for all of your questions and worries. You can rely on our staff to give you the advice and assistance you need to get ready for your interview and do well.

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How Do I Get A US Visa UAE Appointment?

  1. Request a US visa:
    • Filling out the [Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application or DS-160](https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/) is the initial step in scheduling a US visa appointment.
    • The next step is to finish your online application and carry out the essential actions, which include uploading the relevant travel-related data and paying the visa application expenses.
  2. Await the processing of the US visa:
    • The US Embassy Visa Application Center (VAC) will handle your visa application form once you have completed the necessary stages.
    • Depending on the visa category you applied for, the nation you are applying to, and the purpose of the visa, the processing time can range from a few days to a few weeks.
  3. Make a visa appointment for the US:
    • You will be contacted by the VAC to schedule an appointment for your visa interview or biometrics after they have finished processing your visa. It’s possible that you’ll need to schedule two separate sessions for biometrics and a visa interview.
    • The VAC will give you appropriate advice based on the country and visa category. You do not need to schedule two sessions if the biometrics can be completed on the day of your visa appointment.
    • By calling or contacting the US Embassy or VAC in your nation, you can schedule the appointment. By going to the Official US Department of State Visa Appointment Service, you can also schedule an appointment online.

US Visa UAE Appointment Biometrics

Although not all visa applicants must arrange an appointment for their biometrics, many do. As a result, your visa application may be denied if the visa category you requested for requires biometrics and you fail to schedule an appointment.

Fingerprints, an iris scan, and a digital image of the applicant are examples of biometrics.

Additionally, candidates under the age of 14 and those older than 79 are exempt from providing their fingerprints.

After making the online visa payment, several nations require applicants to make a biometric appointment using their receipt number. The applicant’s biometrics may be taken on the day of the visa interview for the majority of nonimmigrant visas in other nations.

If you are eligible for a biometric appointment, you will be notified after making the payment. If you don’t hear from us or aren’t eligible for a biometric appointment, you’ll need to set up a standard interview date.

You will be able to see on the dashboard if you are eligible for the biometric after filling out all the fields and creating a password on the web portal. You must click the “Schedule a Biometrics Appointment” tab when it appears in order to book your appointment.

You must bring the following on the day of your appointment:

  • A duplicate of your appointment letter in print,
  • Your confirmation DS-160 page,
  • 1 picture from the previous six months,
  • for your biometric appointment, as well as your most recent passport.

Schedule US Visa UAE Appointment

Bring the following items if you are renewing your visa:

  • You must bring the old passport that has your US visa in it.
  • If you don’t have these things, your visa application may be denied or your biometric information may not be recognized.

Documents for US Visa UAE Appointment for Medical Test

  • A current passport
  • Your National Visa Center (NVC) appointment letter for a US visa
  • A record proving your new name, if you have changed it legally
  • 2 to 4 color photos for passports, depending on the nation
  • You must bring the prescription if you wear glasses.
  • Immunization records or vaccination records
  • If at all possible, women should bring documentation of recent pap tests and pelvic exams.
  • Your name, dosage, and frequency of the medications you take according to a medical prescription
  • Medical records for any ailments, present or past

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