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UAE Travel: Guideline to follow while entering UAE

UAE Travel Guideline to follow while entering UAE

Norms for carrying drugs and medications into the UAE:

  1. It is crucial to examine and make sure that the medications someone is carrying do not include a banned or restricted substance because some chemicals and substances are prohibited in the UAE.
  2. A medical prescription from a physician licensed to practice in the UAE is required if you need to carry any medications for medical or emergency purposes. A doctor’s prescription and a thorough medical report, both of which should be properly certified, are required if treatment was received outside of the UAE.
  3. For personal use, residents and non-resident patients are only allowed to carry into the UAE a three-month supply of prescribed medication.
  4. Non-residents are permitted to bring up to three months’ worth of personal use of psychotropic medications.
  5. Residents are allowed to bring in enough psychotropic medications to last them for a month. If the medication is not offered in the UAE, residents may bring no more than a three-month supply as long as they first receive authorisation from the Drug Control Department.
  6. Both residents and non-resident patients should not enter the nation with narcotic medications without the Ministry of Health’s prior consent. We will review and approve each case. A legitimate prescription and medical report from the hospital or department in question are necessary.
  7. Unless the aforementioned conditions are met, patients cannot be given access to medications that come in the nation via postal courier.
  8. One should consult the Dubai Customs website at www.dubaicustoms.gov.ae in advance for more information regarding restrictions on bringing medicines, drugs, and chemicals into the UAE.
  9. Take care to prevent mistakenly bringing bakery products that might contain poppy seeds, which are prohibited. Qat leaves, betel nuts or leaves, niswar, and gutkha are also prohibited. While these are acceptable in certain nations, they are not allowed in the UAE. Call Center for Dubai Customs 800 800 80

Minors must get their parents’ permission before visiting the UAE on their own.
According to a warning from Air India, children under the age of 18 would not be permitted to go to the UAE without a letter of permission from their parents if they are not accompanying them. The decision, which will take effect on June 1, 2018, was made in response to a warning issued by Dubai Police and other pertinent agencies to stop child trafficking.

Form of authorization from their parents must be completed with pertinent information regarding their address overseas and in the UAE, as well as who would be receiving them there (if they are not traveling with a parent).

A letter of permission from the minor’s parents or legal guardians is also necessary if the youngster is traveling with another family member. Airlines employees are permitted to accompany youngsters through immigration as long as the appropriate forms are completed and the proper procedures are followed when handing the child over to the recipient.

Through DNATA Mobile Service, you can check in your bags from your home or hotel.
By avoiding the airport’s check-in and baggage drop-off lines, you can save time. Anywhere in Dubai, a DUBZ (A division of DNATA) service member will visit your home or hotel to pick up your bags. They will hand you your boarding permit and luggage tags right away. To use their service, click here.

List of airlines offering home check-in services in Dubai airport:

  • Terminal 1:
    • Saudia
    • Flynas
    • China Southern
    • Kuwait Airways
    • Gulf Air
    • SaudiGulf
    • Royal Jordanian
    • Aeroflot
    • Ethiopian
  • Terminal 2:
    • Flydubai
UAE Travel: Guideline to follow while entering UAE
UAE Travel: Guideline to follow while entering UAE

What items are banned in your luggage?

Emirates: In addition to home check-in, DUBZ also provides an airport pickup service, allowing you to skip the huge lines at baggage claim and only have to go through security and immigration when you return to Dubai. Just return home right away, and leave the labor-intensive tasks to the DUBZ team.

When choosing a bag, keep in mind that it must have at least one smooth surface. Round and atypically shaped packages won’t be taken during check-in. Additionally, a long strap shouldn’t be on your luggage.

For international travel, a maximum of two checked bags with a combined weight of 32 kg are permitted, according to Dubai Airports. But this obviously changes depending on the airline and fare type. Before taking off, double-check your ticket and contact your airline.

Airlines often permit two pieces of hand baggage. A tiny cabin bag, a shoulder bag, a laptop bag, or other type of bag. The maximum dimensions for checked luggage are 56 cm in length, 45 cm in breadth, and 25 cm in depth, including all handles, side pockets, and wheels.

Liquids in a carry-on: These days, liquids are prohibited everywhere, albeit how the laws are applied may differ from one nation to the next. All liquids must be placed within a transparent, resealable plastic bag and transported in your hand luggage through UAE airports. The item can only be 100 ml or less, and the sum of all your items cannot be more than one litre.
For use during the journey, exceptions are permitted for prescription medication, infant food and milk, and particular dietary needs.

Money: Since the UAE closely monitors money laundering and dubious financial operations, travelers are required to report any sizable amounts of cash they may be carrying. As long as the traveller is at least 18 years old, the UAE law states that the total amount of cash, foreign currency, and traveler’s checks cannot exceed Dh100,000.

Food: The UAE government claims that you are permitted to import a specific amount of food for non-commercial uses. These are limited to the following: 20 kg of yoghurt; 50 l of oil; 10 kg of produce; and 100 kg of dates. • 10 kg of sweets; 30 kg of cereals and red meat; 10 kg of seafood; 500 g of caviar; 11 kg of eggs; 20 kg of honey; 5 kg of herbs; 500 g of saffron; and 10 kg of food for kids. • 20 liters of water and syrups; 5 kilograms of juice; and 25 kilograms of canned food.

Medicines: The UAE government urges travelers to use extreme caution while bringing in particular kinds of medications. Some medications from other nations might include ingredients that are prohibited in the UAE, which could result in their carrying individuals being detained.

Things Strictly Prohibited in UAE

  • Top 20 drugs prohibited in the United Arab Emirates: Alpha-methylifentanyl Betamethodol Cannabis Codoxime concentrated straw from poppies Fentanyl Methadone Morphine Opium Oxycodone Phenoperidine Trimeperidine Ketamine Codeine Amphetamine and cathinone Pentobarbital Bromazepam Risperidone Tramadol.
  • Batteries that are spare or loose, such as lithium metal or lithium ion cells or batteries, for portable electronic devices must only be transported in carry-on luggage, according to Emirates Airlines.
  • Power banks: Items like power banks that are primarily used as power sources are regarded as backup batteries. To prevent short-circuits, these batteries must each be shielded individually. There is a cap of 20 extra batteries per passenger.
  • E-cigarettes: To prevent unintentional activation, all battery-powered personal vaporizers, such as e-cigars, e-pipes, and electric portable incense (perfume) burners, must be individually protected. You cannot check them in with your luggage. can only be transported in a carry-on bag.
  • Automobiles that are used personally Airports in the United Arab Emirates will not let passengers to board aircraft with personal motorized vehicles like Segways, hoverboards, or self-balancing wheels due to safety concerns. For instance, UAE Airports forbids the transport of any such equipment as checked or carry-on luggage, batteries included. Even if you’re connecting in the UAE from a carrier that has accepted them, this rule still holds true.
  • Should you use smart bags? Remember that from January 2018, smart baggage has been prohibited if you are traveling to the United States on any airline, including Emirates. Other airlines have restricted the use of smart bags in the hold if the lithium battery cannot be removed.

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