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UAE travel guide: Prohibited items into UAE

UAE travel guide Prohibited items and recommendations into UAE

Banned Items: Strict punishments, including jail and deportation, are meted out to violators.

  1. All narcotic drug types, including hashish, cocaine, heroin, poppy seeds, and hallucinogens.
  2. Products from nations that are supposed to be boycotted
  3. Products with Israeli trademarks or insignia or of Israeli origin
  4. Substandard rhinoceros horn and ivory.
  5. Gambling equipment and instruments.
  6. Fishing nets with three layers.
  7. Original sculptures, lithographs, prints, engravings, and statues made of any material.
  8. Refurbished, used, and inlaid tires.
  9. Materials contaminated by radiation.
  10. Printed materials, oil paintings, photographs, images, cards, books, magazines, stone sculptures, and mannequins that purposefully mock morals or stir up unrest or contradict Islamic beliefs.
  11. Any other commodities that are forbidden from being imported by UAE customs legislation or any other laws in the nation.
  12. Fake and counterfeit money.
  13. Homemade and cooked meal.
UAE travel guide: Prohibited items and recommendations into UAE
UAE travel guide: Prohibited items and recommendations into UAE

Never pack the following items in your carry-on luggage. Items that passengers cannot bring on board have also been specified by UAE airlines including Etihad and Emirates.

Keep in mind that these are not on the list of things that are prohibited from entering the UAE. However, the items on the list published by Dubai Customs and Airports are never permitted, even though some of them can still be transported through check-in.

  • Powders The Transportation Security Administration of the United States is altering the guidelines for carrying powders on airplanes as of June 30, 2018. Any powder-like items larger than 350ml/12oz, or the equivalent of a Coke can, should be packed in checked luggage rather than hand luggage after this date.
  • Clever baggage The regulations regarding smart luggage in the US changed in January 2018, making it even more crucial to confirm the regulations with each airline before departing on a flight. Lithium batteries, which power the GPS monitoring devices, phone chargers, and electronic locks in smart bags, have been connected to aviation fires.
  • Infant foods You should exercise caution when using baby foods and confirm with the relevant authorities at both your departure and destination airports before you fly, or you risk getting into problems. For instance, the UK government permits you to bring cow’s milk and formula in your hand luggage, but your child must be with you. The same holds true for baby food, soy milk, and sterilized water.
  • Medicine When taking medications on an airline, you need to be cautious and plan ahead. Bring the prescription with you if you plan to bring more than 100 ml of prescribed medication with you. Make sure you’ve reviewed the UAE’s list of restricted medications if you’re carrying any with you.
  • Ten perfume bottles You can’t go overboard with the scent bottles no matter how fresh you want to smell while on vacation unless you can put all of them into a single, transparent plastic bag that is no larger than 20 cm by 20 cm, which is highly unlikely.
  • baseball bat
    The least covert weapon you could possibly bring on a plane, yet still forbidden. In fact, the majority of sporting goods—including badminton rackets, pool cues, and—more logically—catapults and harpoons—are not permitted in hand luggage.
  • Angling rod
    On a holiday, you won’t be using your own rod to catch your dinner (unless you check it into the hold). Likewise, pool cues and golf clubs are not permitted on board.
  • Drills Don’t believe you may bring your own tools in your hand luggage if you’re going home to work on a renovation job. Checking is necessary for drills, screwdrivers, spanners, nails, and laser pointers.
  • Soup: You won’t be able to eat the handmade liquid carrot and cilantro soup you intended to bring in your cabin baggage, even if airplane cuisine isn’t your thing. Don’t bother bringing liquids to the airport unless you want to fill up your transparent plastic bag with a 100ml bottle of soup. Chutneys and jams fall under the same category.
  • Toxic materials and peroxide chemicals are not permitted on airplanes. Fact. This prohibition covers everything from gel candles to pool chlorine to explosives, fireworks, and rat poison. The majority of airlines permit electronic cigarettes and vaporizers in hand luggage (but not in the hold), so make sure to check the regulations before your flight.
  • Aerosols: No, we don’t mean the deodorant or hairspray sort; instead, we’re talking about the graffiti kind. Regarding personal hygiene, however, you are permitted to bring your deodorant, hairspray, and other aerosols in your carry-on luggage as long as they are 100 ml or less in size and are contained in a 20 cm by 20 cm clear plastic bag. Do not overfill the bag because it must be sealed.
  • Tent stakes: Although there are many wonderful places to camp in the UAE, if you wanted to bring your reliable tent with you on vacation, you won’t be able to fit it in your hand luggage. Metal tent pegs often cannot be taken through security at airports. However, it seems that tent poles are fine!
  • (Numerous) lighters: Lighters without gasoline are permitted in checked luggage in the hold in the US and the UK. If they do contain fuel, you can only carry one of them on board (not packed in your hand luggage). You cannot place the others in the hold. And you can only have one.
  • Needles: Because knitting needles are prohibited in the cabin of Emirates aircraft, you can’t do your knitting. In addition, hypodermic needles and syringes must only be used for medical purposes. By the way, you’ll need a medical certificate for that.

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