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UAE Offering Automated Educational Certificate Attestation.

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Recently, automated certificate attestation services were introduced in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), allowing anyone to submit their academic credentials for processing and verification swiftly and easily.

This is a fantastic breakthrough for anyone who want to confirm their academic credentials without having to go through the cumbersome manual procedure. With the help of these new automated certificate attestation services, applicants can attest their documents with a few simple clicks in only a few minutes.

What Is Attestation of Educational Certificates?

The practice of evaluating and certifying educational credentials produced by educational institutions or universities is known as education certificate attestation. This procedure is crucial to ensuring that the certificate holder’s academic accomplishments and credentials are valid and acknowledged by the appropriate authorities.

As part of the visa application process, persons who intend to relocate or work abroad must also obtain document attestation services. It entails securing official confirmation from recognized government organizations that attest to the veracity of the provided certifications. In summary, education certificate attestation services ensure that people are not misleading or fraudulent in their applications by establishing the legitimacy and reliability of academic credentials.

Why Is Having Your Educational Documents Attested Important?

A critical stage in the process of establishing your educational credentials in the UAE is having your educational certificates validated. Your educational credentials might not be accepted by authorities and organizations without proper attestation, which would make it challenging to seek higher education, find job, or get a visa.

The purpose of educational certificate attestation services is to guarantee that your academic credentials match the requirements established by the UAE government and are accepted by the country’s institutions and businesses. You can get a certificate of equivalence that attests to the legitimacy and authenticity of your educational credentials by using document attestation services.

To avoid any potential obstacles or difficulties in your professional or academic endeavors, it is crucial to make sure that your educational certifications are validated by reputable and authorized organizations.

Previous Attestation Process

Obtaining your educational certificates certified was a time-consuming process prior to the introduction of automated attestation services in the UAE.

  • Your country’s Ministry of Education or Foreign Affairs would need to confirm your credentials first.
  • You then needed to have the UAE Embassy or Consulate in your nation re-attest them.
  • For final attestation, you had to provide them to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As you had to pay for document attestation services along the way, this process was not only time-consuming but also costly. The whole procedure could take weeks or even months to finish.

Additionally, the manual approach was prone to mistakes, which prolonged the attestation process. Overall, the previous attestation procedure needed to be made less onerous.

UAE Introduces New Automated Attestation Services

The UAE recently launched an online service that automates the attestation of higher education diplomas, according to news stories posted on Khaleej Times. The Ministry of Education’s initiative to digitize services includes this action. offering kids better, more easily available alternatives. Before the attestation procedure could begin, students had to apply for this service and wait at least three days to receive the required documents.

The new automated attestation services have already been adopted by six colleges in the United Arab Emirates, making the procedure for their students easier and quicker.

“According to Dr. Sameera Almulla, director of the Ministry of Education’s Certificate Equivalency Department. The new procedure requires no human intervention and is entirely proactive. The certificate is immediately attested as soon as the institution receives all the necessary information. Programming has replaced all manual labour, giving pupils a more practical and dependable answer.

Students no longer need to apply for the service and wait several days to acquire their attestation thanks to the introduction of automated attestation services. They can gain from the proactive procedure, where everything is done automatically by the system. Process simplification and offering a smooth experience

UAE Offering Automated Educational Certificate Attestation.
UAE Offering Automated Educational Certificate Attestation.

What Is the Procedure for Automated Attestation?

The automated educational certificate attestation procedure in the UAE is an easy-to-use approach that does not require people to go to government offices or embassies to get their documents attested. Through a consolidated website known as the UAE Government Services Ecosystem, the full procedure can be finished online.

Individuals must register for an account on the site and choose the proper document type for attestation before the process can begin. The option for educational certificate attestation must be chosen, and persons must enter the required data, including:

  • Degree Type,
  • The educational institution, and
  • The nation from which the degree was granted.

Individuals must upload a scanned copy of their educational certificate and pay the attestation fee online after giving the needed information. The appropriate authorities will subsequently get the certificate for verification. And following completion, the applicant’s provided address will receive a letter with the attested certificate.

Depending on the type of certificate and the nation of origin, the full process typically takes 7 to 10 business days. It’s crucial to remember that the automated attestation procedure only applies to educational certificates, though.

Using Automated Attestation Services Has Many Advantages

Individuals looking for attestation services should profit greatly from the recently introduced automated educational document attestation services in the UAE.

  • More rapid turnaround: The attestation process can be finished more quickly with the automated method. People won’t have to wait weeks or even months to have their certifications certified as a result.
  • Lower Costs: The automated procedure should make attestation services less expensive. This is due to the fact that it does not require manual processing, which can be costly and time-consuming.
  • Enhanced Effectiveness: The efficiency of the attestation process is anticipated to rise with the use of automated attestation services. Individuals can anticipate accurate and timely attestation of their credentials as a result.
  • Convenient: The new technology makes the entire attestation procedure considerably more convenient for candidates by allowing online submissions. They are no longer need to physically present their paperwork at a center. which is particularly beneficial given the ongoing epidemic crisis.
  • Greater Transparency: The attestation procedure is now more transparent thanks to the new system. The progress of a person’s certificates may be easily followed, and they can get updates on the state of their attestation application.

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