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UAE Marriage Citizenship Guide

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When two hearts unite, a world full of opportunities opens up. It goes beyond lifetime companionship for non-Emirati women who marry Emirati males in this union. Additionally, it demonstrates to them how to become citizens of the UAE, strengthening their ties to the nation in a special way.

Marriage UAE nationality

The Jus Sanguinis principle, which bases nationality on maternal ancestry rather than birthplace, governs citizenship in the United Arab Emirates. This means that obtaining citizenship by virtue of birth in the UAE is not a given. However, if they meet specific requirements, expats do have the chance to become citizens of the UAE.

Marriage is one of the methods for gaining Emirati citizenship, although there are others as well. It’s crucial to remember that women are subject to different citizenship rules than men in the UAE. It is important to note that if you are a woman getting married to an Emirati citizen, you will not automatically become an Emirati citizen as a result of your marriage.

UAE nationality requirements for marriage

The fact that foreign nationals who marry Emirati women are ineligible for citizenship must be understood, as was already stated. The particular prerequisites for this process are outlined below:

  • Those non-Emirati women who marry Emirati males are eligible to apply for citizenship if their union is recognized by the UAE’s marriage law.
  • A married woman can become eligible for a UAE passport after seven years if she has children.
  • When there are no children involved, the waiting period is extended to ten years before she can apply for a UAE passport.
UAE Marriage Citizenship Guide
UAE Marriage Citizenship Guide

Marriage UAE citizenship procedure

The main stages for obtaining UAE citizenship through marriage, as described by numerous sources, are briefly summarized below:

Relationship eligibility:

  • legitimately wed an Emirati national with a good reputation, a spotless criminal record, and who is a resident of the UAE.
  • If you have a kid with an Emirati spouse, you can apply for citizenship seven years after the birth of the child. If you don’t have children, the waiting period is increased to ten years.

Submitting an application:

  • the Rulers’ and Crown Princes’ Courts, Offices of the Executive Councils, or the Cabinet are appropriate places to submit an application for naturalization.
  • Your application ought to be supported by recommendations from federal organizations.
  • Include all necessary paperwork with your application, such as a copy of your marriage license, your spouse’s passport, your residence visa, and a letter of sponsorship from your spouse.

Declaration of allegiance:

  • Take an oath of devotion and allegiance to the UAE, promising to follow its laws
  • Whenever your citizenship status changes, whether you gain or lose another citizenship, inform the UAE government officials.

Refusal and acceptance:

  • Please be aware that the UAE does not accept dual citizenship.
  • You must give up your prior citizenship if you want to become an Emirati.
  • The Rulers’ and Crown Princes’ Courts, Offices of the Executive Councils, and the Cabinet must all approve your application before it can be processed.
  • You also have the choice, if you so choose, to keep your native nationality.

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