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Registration for UAE Corporate Tax 2023

Registration for UAE Corporate Tax 2023

UAE CORPORATE TAX REGISTRATION: Prior to submitting their initial corporate tax returns, all taxable persons, including Free Zone Persons, must complete the registration process for Corporate Tax and get a special Corporate Tax Registration Number.

Additionally, the Federal Tax Authority may ask a certain Exempt Person to go through the Corporate Tax registration process.

As they are seen as extensions of their main “parent” or “head office” and not as separate legal organizations, UAE branches of domestic juridical persons are not required to register or submit separate filings for UAE Corporate Tax.

How can I register for UAE corporate tax?

You must adhere to the steps given by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) to register for company tax in the UAE. The general steps for registering for corporation tax in the UAE are as follows:

  1. Sign in or make an e-Services account: Visit the official website of the FTA and log in to your EmaraTax account there using your login information or UAE Pass. If you don’t already have an account, create one. All tax-related activities will be carried out through this account.
  2. You can either create your own taxable person or choose the appropriate one from the list of taxable persons.
  3. Provide business details: Complete the required forms and include information about your business.
  4. Submit the application for registration: Utilizing your e-Services account, complete the online registration form. Make sure all the necessary fields are correctly filled out.
  5. Await confirmation: After reviewing your application, the FTA could ask for more details or supporting documentation. They will check the information supplied and might do any necessary checks.
  6. Obtain a corporate tax identification number: As per UAE corporation tax law, you will receive a corporate Tax Registration Number once your application is granted.
  7. Submit your corporate tax return: Taxable Persons must file a Corporate Tax return within nine months of the end of each Tax Period in order to comply with the requirements. The payment of any corporate tax liabilities relating to the tax period for which the return is submitted often has a similar deadline.
  8. Continue to Comply: It’s crucial to maintain ongoing compliance with tax laws after acquiring your corporation tax registration number. This entails submitting timely tax returns, keeping thorough records, and carrying out additional tax obligations in accordance with the FTA’s regulations.

Registration for UAE Corporate Tax 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What forms and documents are necessary?
For natural individuals:

  • If necessary, a trade license. For legal persons: applicant’s Emirates ID or passport.
  • Trade license Emirates ID or passport of the signatory who is permitted Proof of the authorized signatory’s authority.

For legal entities:

  • Trade license Emirates ID or passport of the signatory who is permitted Proof of the authorized signatory’s authority.

Q. How long would it take me to get my UAE Corporate Tax registration number?
Your application will be reviewed by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) after it has been submitted. The FTA normally reviews and approves applications within 20 business days of receiving them in their entirety. The processing time might, however, increase if more information is needed. In these situations, the applicant must supply the needed data and resubmit the application.

After that, it will take the FTA 20 additional business days to react to the revised application. It’s vital to remember that the application will be denied if it is not submitted again within 60 calendar days of the date on which the FTA notified you that it had received it.

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