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Guide to international travel without a visa

International travel without a visa

A Travel visa is an authorization to enter another nation on legal grounds. Travelers won’t always require a visa, though, as the majority of nations have agreements that let people move freely between them without obtaining a visa.

Typically, visa-free regimes are exclusively used for touristic or business travel, and they permit brief stays of up to 90 days; nevertheless, travelers must still have appropriate travel documents. For the following reasons, nations may have visa-free travel agreements with one another:

  • Excellent diplomatic connections.
  • It is unlikely that citizens of the advantageous country will overstay their visa-free period there.
  • The advantageous nation is a developed one economically.

Guide to international travel without a visa

Agreements for Visa Facilitation throughout the World

The following are some of the most well-known visa agreements:

  • The Schengen Convention. The Schengen Agreement, which 27 European nations have ratified, enables their residents to travel visa-free between participating nations.
  • US visa exemption policy. A visa is not required for citizens of 40 countries to enter the US under this arrangement, but they must first register with ESTA before traveling there.
  • Agreement between the US and Canada on a bilateral basis. Using their passport, a border crossing card, or an upgraded driver’s license, citizens of the US and Canada can cross the two nations without a visa.
  • GCC, or Gulf Cooperation Council. Travel between GCC members is visa-free for nationals of the following nations: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates.
  • ECOWAS stands for Economic Community of West African States. ECOWAS citizens from 15 of its members are eligible for visa-free entry and 90-day stays. Visitors must have a valid form of identification and proof of immunization, though.
  • Community of East Africa. Due to their membership in this agreement, six East African nations—Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda—allow their people to visit without a visa.
  • Union of the Commonwealth. Visa-free entry is available to citizens of some Commonwealth nations in member states.
  • Southeast Asian Nations Association. This agreement’s 10 member governments permit their citizens to travel between them without a visa.
  • group of independent nations. Following the fall of the Soviet Union, this agreement was made, allowing nationals of the member countries to enter without a visa. However, there are outliers between Armenia and Azerbaijan and between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan

Does eVisa imply a visa waiver?

No, an eVisa does not grant entrance without a visa. While travelers entering nations with eVisa requirements don’t require a conventional visa, they still need a digital entry authorization.

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