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The steps for listing a property on Airbnb (Dubai)

The steps for listing a property on Airbnb Dubai

How can I host guests on AirBnB?

By designating their apartment as a “holiday home,” property owners and tenants in Dubai can list their residences on the website for vacation rentals.

What is a vacation house?

Holiday houses are apartment buildings that are made available for short-term rentals. They are perfect for travelers searching for a more comfortable and economical alternative to a hotel room. Holiday homes in Dubai must register with the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), and the organization will award them an annual permission. Whether you are the property owner or a tenant, you are eligible to apply for these.

How to make a holiday home application

The steps listed by DTCM on their website should be followed if you want to list your apartment as a vacation home:

  1. Go to the Holiday Homes section of the DTCM website at https://hh.dtcm.gov.ae/holidayhomes/Welcome.aspx. and create a brand-new account.
  2. Select ‘Add Unit’. Include all necessary details, such as unit type, number of bedrooms, location, developer, etc.
  3. Submit supplementary materials. Required paperwork includes:
    • A copy of the title deed or the sales purchase agreement, as well as a certificate of payment completion.
    • A signed copy of the landlord’s passport or Emirates ID.
    • A copy of the authorized signatory’s Emirates ID or passport, as well as a trade license if the unit’s “landlord” is a business.
    • A property management letter created using the provided template.
    • The most recent DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) invoice.
    • A tenant’s private tenancy agreement
    • If necessary, a No Objection Certificate from the landlord (using the DTCM form).
  4. Examine and send. Before submitting your application for approval, review it. The processing of each application will take one business day.
  5. After clearance, classify your flat on your own. Your unit will be placed to your dashboard and accessible for self-classification once approval has been received through email.
  6. Send money. Pay the necessary permit and classification certificate fees after submitting your self-classification. Once paid, the status of the unit will be changed to authorized.
The steps for listing a property on Airbnb (Dubai)
The steps for listing a property on Airbnb (Dubai)

What are the fees?

The costs will vary based on the kind of property you are erecting.

  • Dh1,500 is the annual registration fee.
  • Permit fees range from Dh300 per bedroom to Dh1,200, depending on the size of the property.
  • Dh50 for unit classification charge
  • Dh10 knowledge fee
  • Dh10 innovation fee
  • Tourism dirham fee, which ranges from Dh10 to Dh15 per bedroom depending on whether the unit is deemed regular or premium.
    You can post your apartment on AirBnB or other websites that specialize in vacation rentals once you have obtained the requisite DTCM permissions.

The owner must obtain a permission from the DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing) before listing a property on Airbnb.

The owner must upload images and a description to the property’s Airbnb profile. The owner must then continue to be engaged on the website to respond to queries.

The key, building access cards, and a phone number to call in case something needs fixing must be provided to the new resident at the time of booking.

Every time a reservation is made, the owner is required to obtain a passport scan from each guest and send it to the DTCM. The department is also required to receive a tax from visitors.

According to local legislation, a facility must be registered as a whole, not only individual rooms or shared accommodations, which are both subject to harsh fines.

Steps to Follow

  1. Visit the DTCM’s online platform by clicking this link, then follow the instructions there. The DTCM in Al Garhoud must be visited next, preferably on a working day during business hours. You must provide a copy of your Emirates ID.
  2. The DTCM site will then allow you to submit your property and any pertinent documentation. Obtain a letter of no-objection from the landlord if you are a renter.
  3. Additionally, you’ll need to buy home insurance. To activate your account on the DTCM’s online platform, you must spend Dh1,520. Additionally, there is a Dh300 fee for every bedroom in your home as well as a Dh70 administration fee.
    • Only a full home may be rented out according to DTCM regulations.
    • A Dh5,000 punishment will be imposed on you if you fail to register your properties with the DTCM.
    • The owner must next build an Airbnb profile for the home with a description and images. The owner must then be engaged on the website to respond to queries.
    • The key, building access cards, and a phone number to call in case something needs fixing must be handed to the new occupant when a booking is made.
    • Ensure that you obtain copies of each guest’s passports and give them to the DTCM.
    • The owner is required to obtain a passport scan from each guest and provide it to the DTCM along with every reservation. The department is also required to receive a tax from visitors.Just be careful to obtain passport copies for each visitor once you’ve listed the home on Airbnb and give them to the DTCM. Each month, you must additionally give the DTCM a tax payment. In Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, Airbnb is governed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where in Dubai can a Holiday Home be Permitted?
As defined by DTCM, holiday homes may be allowed everywhere in Dubai, including free zones, special development zones, and real estate communities. A range of vacation home property types:

  • A vacation home could be a townhouse, an apartment in a residential or mixed-use structure, or another type of property.
  • A standalone villa that is not a portion of another villa.

Category of Holiday Home Units is classified into Deluxe & Standard.

Q. Do i require DED License?
Yes, the Department of Economic Development issues a holiday houses license as the first step in the registration process for professional operators. The second step is to register with DTCM in the holiday homes online system.

Q. What Documents are necessary to Obtain a license for Holiday homes?
Contact DED (Department of Economic Developments) for the documentation needed to obtain a license for holiday homes, and they will walk you through the process and requirements.

Q. After i get the License, can i start working?
Before you begin running the Units, you must first register in the DTCM Holiday Home system and issue permits for the property(ies) you manage.

Q. How do i Sign up for DTCM with my company?
Steps to sign up for DTCM with my company, as follows:

  1. Go to http://hh.dtcm.gov.ae/holidayhomes , click on register a new operator, and fill
  2. Your establishment details.
  3. Fill the mangers details
  4. Attach a copy of trade license. You will be receiving an email from DTCM activating your account

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