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You’ve probably heard of Ejari if you’re a landlord or tenant in Dubai! We will give you all the details you require regarding Ejari registration in Dubai in this article. To keep a long tale short, we will make sure that all of your queries are addressed by guiding you through the system step-by-step. For additional information about one of the primary tenancy systems in Dubai, continue reading.

What is Ejari Tenancy Contract? Is it Mandatory?

The Arabic term ejari means “my rent” in English. However, in this instance, Dubai’s lease agreements are registered through an online registration system. The Dubai Land Department (DLD) introduced it in 2007 in order to regulate the lease process and safeguard the interests of both tenants and landlords.

Additionally, it is mandated by law that all rental agreements be registered with Ejari. Tenants and landlords can use the system’s online portal to register new rental agreements and lease renewals.

Yes, all rental properties, whether commercial and residential, must be registered with Ejari.

Ejari’s Global Vision and Importance

This method strives to guarantee that all private rental agreements are written into enforceable contracts and arranged in a manner acknowledged by the government.

Ejari is significant because it safeguards, arranges, and maintains all of your information as well as the records kept by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) and the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). You receive an Ejari certificate after enrolling, entitling you to use the other emirate services.

The Ejari Certificate also secures your right to go to court whenever you have any problems with your landlord so the court may look into your case, which is another helpful feature.

Consequently, the court will immediately dismiss your case if you are not registered with Ejari.

Tenancy Contract Registration with Ejari Dubai

Register for Ejari (Tenancy Contract) in Dubai

Consequently, the court will immediately dismiss your case if you are not registered with Ejari.

The only parties permitted to file for Ejari in Dubai are landlords, tenants (and/or their representatives), and property management businesses.

In addition, it is the landlord’s duty to register the tenancy agreement with Ejari. Normally, the landlord will delegate this to the estate agent; in actuality, the tenant will see to it and make the necessary payments.

Ensure that your Ejari contains complete information regarding all deposits, the length of the contract, and rent prices. Additionally, you can register using the Ejari app or through trustee centers for Ejari in Dubai.

Online Registration

The ideal way to apply is through the website if you need a quick and simple solution. This service is available through the Ejari system, which is the website of the Dubai Land Department.

Registration from Application

As an alternative, you can use the Dubai REST App or Dubai Now App to register your tenancy contract and upload your supporting documents. In addition, to finish the procedure, you should do the following:

  • Download the app and sign up using a copy of your visa, passport, and Emirates ID.
  • Upload all the registration-related paperwork.

Offline Registration

There are typing facilities where you can turn in the necessary paperwork and pay for the Ejari service.

Additionally, you will need to fill out a registration form when you come, so be prepared with copies of the necessary documents listed below, your new address, and the tenancy contract number.

An exclusive Ejari ID number will be part of the formal Ejari contract. You may quickly open a DEWA account by providing this number when you register online.

You will receive an Ejari number and a special barcode after enrolling. Given that an Ejari certificate is regarded as the attestation of the Ejari tenancy contract in Dubai, you must produce one when applying for the following reasons:

  • DEWA
  • Telephone and Internet service
  • Commercial licenses
  • Residence visas.

Required Documents Ejari Registration

  1. Original signed lease agreement
  2. Received the security deposit
  3. Emirates ID for Tenant
  4. If the landlord is an individual, a copy of their passport
  5. Passport of the tenant (for non-GCC citizens)
  6. If a power of attorney (PoA) has signed the contract, a copy of that PoA document; Documents granting power of attorney must be renewed annually to stay in effect.
  7. UAE visa for tenants who are not GCC citizens
  8. A copy of the rented property’s title deed
  9. (In the case of commercial properties) A trade license.

Ejari (Tenancy Contract) Renewal Procedure

Ejari registration is only good for a year and needs to be renewed every year. The steps for renewing Ejari online are as follows:

  • Log in to your account at www.ejari.ae, the Ejari website.
  • Choose the contract you wish to renew and attach the necessary paperwork (the most recent DEWA bill and tenancy contract).
  • Online payment for the Ejari renewal cost.

A new registration number will be sent out after payment has been received, and the Ejari certificate can then be downloaded.

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