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Stepchild’s residency permit in Dubai

Stepchilds residency permit in Dubai

In the event that a guy sponsors his stepchildren, their visas will only be good for a year.

Deposit: The sponsor must put up a Dh5,000 deposit for each child in order for the visa to be extended annually. The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs must receive payment of the deposit, which will be reimbursed upon cancellation of the visa.

Confirmation: Prior to submitting a visa application for stepchildren, you should find out from the government whether the application will be accepted because guardianship issues for the kids must be clarified and addressed.

The department’s director-general will need to first approve the application.

Legal custody: The mother’s home country court, as well as the UAE Embassy and Foreign Ministry, must all agree on the issue of child custody. The woman must provide evidence that her ex spouse has granted her legal custody of the children.

NOC: The man who wants to sponsor his wife’s kid or children must submit to the department a letter from the children’s father stating that he has no objections to his child or children being sponsored by their stepfather, who resides in the UAE.

Attestation: The appropriate authority in the child’s native country must sign the letter in order for it to be valid and legally binding. Additionally, the UAE Embassy in the child’s nation as well as the foreign ministry must both authorize it.
The son or daughter must move to the UAE and be sponsored by their stepfather, and the father, child, or guardian must say in the letter that he has no objections to this.

The grandparents or other family members of the child must provide the no-objection letter in line with the law of their own nation if the child’s father has passed away and the mother has remarried. All documents must be valid, legitimate, and given the appropriate authorities’ approval.

Stepchild's residency permit in Dubai
Stepchild’s residency permit in Dubai

The wife should get court-issued proof of custody and a letter of consent from the father of her children, his family, or their legal guardians if the ex-husband or members of their family are residing in the United Arab Emirates.

Documents Required

  • Unless a woman qualifies to sponsor her own family, such as a working mother, she cannot sponsor the children of her ex-husband.
  • The GDRFA may, for humanitarian reasons and at the discretion of the department head, permit her to sponsor her stepson or stepsister.
  • In addition to all other required documentation, the application must also include the birth certificate if the sponsored kid is under the age of 18. UAE Foreign Affairs in the UAE and the UAE Embassy in the country of birth to certify the birth certificate.
  • All kids who are of school age and should be enrolled in a school are required to attend.
  • You must send a certificate from an authorized educational institution here if the sponsored stepson is older than 18.
  • Your stepdaughter must be enrolled in and have permission from an authorized educational institution in this country if you want to sponsor her and she is over 18. She should also include a confirmation letter in Arabic confirming her single status.
  • The man’s annual wage, including housing, must be greater than Dh6,000 to sponsor stepchildren.

Original Documents Required

IBAN (Bank Account Number), Salary Certificate/Labor Contract, Tenancy Contract with Ejari Registration Certificate, Electricity Bill, Child’s Passport Copy (Color), One Photo, Attested Birth Certificate. Sponsor’s Passport, Emirates ID, Bank Account Number. View More

Affidavit: The stepfather must also provide proof that he will assist the kids financially. His embassy or consulate in this country needs to certify it.

Stepchild visas require special approval from the GDRFA’s Humanitarian Case Committee. Apply through a recognized typing service, then follow up with Al Aweer Immigration.

  • Each child must pay Dh360 for an entry permit application (additional fees apply for typing).
  • If the son or daughter is older than 18, a medical exam is required.
  • A one-year visa stamping fee of Dh257 (plus applicable service fees).

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