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Complete Guide to Start a Logistics Company in Dubai

Logistics Company in Dubai

We will lead you through every step of how to start a Logistics Company in Dubai, how to obtain a license for a transport company in Dubai, and everything else you need to know to successfully launch your business in this extensive article.

Logistics Company in Dubai

Dubai has emerged as a key location for transportation services as a hub for transportation businesses, with many already establishing operations there. Businesses of all sizes can use a variety of services offered by transportation companies, such as international shipment and storage.

Among other things, they take care of product storage, repackaging, and international shipping. It’s critical to get everything right the first time because transport companies are so important to the supply chain.

One of the greatest contributors to Dubai’s economy and one that plays a vital role in it is the transportation sector. There is an expanding need for transportation services in Dubai to support businesses as they grow.

Dubai’s Different Transport Services

In general, Dubai allows three different kinds of transport services: courier services, freight services, and transport businesses that provide both storage and transportation for particular sorts of commodities. Your transportation company may choose to focus on other permitted transportation services in Dubai, such as:

  • Driving a large vehicle
  • Transport with light trucks
  • Transport of freight by sea
  • Rental and transfer of equipment and machinery
  • Renting a car, a motorcycle, or a bicycle
  • Premium car service
  • Bus and coach rentals
  • Passenger service in taxis and tour buses
  • Renting of specialized trucks and transport
  • Recovery and towing of vehicles
  • Specialized shipping for fragile cargo including fuel tanks, cash, and priceless things
  • Temperature-regulated transportation
  • Transporting petroleum tankers
  • Management services for fleets


With easy access to Europe, the United Arab Emirates are usually recognized as the top business hub in the Middle East and Africa. Furthermore, due to its advantageous position, Dubai is a great center for transportation services, with quick access to both Europe and other Middle Eastern and African nations.

Additional factors that contribute to Dubai’s prominence as a global commercial hub include its welcoming business environment, cheap taxes, cutting-edge infrastructure, first-rate airports, and exceptional ports. One of the main attractions for residing and working in the UAE is the tax breaks for foreign nationals and enterprises owned by foreigners.

Cost of License for a Logistics Company in Dubai

A company with 3 cars would need to pay between AED 12 500 and AED 15 000 for a light vehicle transportation license, while the same would be true for a heavy vehicle transportation license. As a result, you must pay the AED 3,500 RTA approval fee.

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