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Apply for Singapore Visa in Dubai

Dubai Singapore Visa

Singapore Visa from Dubai: What You Should Know

You can obtain a visa for Singapore once you arrive if you are an Emirati who is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates. You will, however, require a tourist or business visa if you are an expat residing in the UAE in order to travel to Singapore. We can assist you in applying for your Singapore tourist visa well in advance of your intended visit to this alluring island.

A visa is not required for citizens of the United States or certain European nations who are listed on the visa exemption list to travel to Singapore. This still holds true even if you now reside in the UAE. However, travelers to Singapore from non-exempt nations and the UAE need tourist visas.

The city-state of Singapore guarantees you the most thrilling experiences whether you visit for a few days or a week. For more ideas, view our 24 Hours in Singapore guide.

Who requires a Dubai Singapore Visa?

  • Level 1 nations: This include India, Myanmar, Ukraine, Russia, China, Georgia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Liberia, Turkmenistan, and those who possess the Hong Kong Document of Identity.
  • Level 1 nations: Bangladesh, Morocco, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Pakistan, Algeria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Tunisia, Sudan, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, temporary residents of the United Arab Emirates, and individuals in possession of a Palestinian Authority passport or a refugee travel document issued by Middle Eastern nations.

Documents Requirement for a Dubai Singapore Visa

  • Download the 14A form, correctly complete it, and sign it.
  • You must provide a photocopy of both the first and last pages of your passport, which must still be valid at least six months after the end of your journey. Please check that your passport has two blank pages at the very least.
  • 1 current visa-sized color photograph with a white backdrop must be included with the papers. On the back of the photo write your full name in bold, legible characters and precisely as it appears on your passport.
  • Also include a photocopy of your sponsor’s ID card and an introduction letter from a resident Singaporean.
  • Please request a NOC letter from your company, including your income, position, and travel objectives, if you are employed in the UAE.
  • Only submit the application form and the visa service fee in cash.
  • Describe the confirmation information for your Singapore hotel reservations. If you intend to stay with a Singaporean, provide your host’s full postal address, contact information, and a copy of his ID card.
  • Provide a copy of your flight tickets, including your return tickets, together with your travel itinerary.

Apply for Singapore Visa in Dubai

Applying in person for a tourist Dubai Singapore Visa

  • You must adhere to following guidelines set forth by the Consulate-General of The Republic of Singapore before presenting your visa in person.
  • Before you attend the visa application center at the Singapore Consulate, read the security regulatory alerts.
  • When speaking face-to-face with a visa staff member, keep the reason for the trip in mind and avoid stating it again or three times.
  • The visa staff is unable to assist or advise you in selecting the appropriate visa category. They are not permitted to inform you of the duration or likelihood of receiving a visa. You’ll just have to wait and see because it is up to the consulate to decide on these matters.

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