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Apply Schengen Visa Without Bank Statements.

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You may already be aware that providing your bank statements is a necessity when requesting a Schengen Visa.

Embassies and consulates request your most recent 3-6 months of bank records so they may verify that you have a reliable source of income and enough money to pay for your trip’s expenses.

Can I submit a Schengen visa application without bank statements?

In most cases, you can submit a Schengen Visa application without providing bank statements. But getting your Schengen Visa granted without providing bank statements as evidence of your ability to pay is a very different matter.

Your bank statements are required by embassies for two reasons:

  • First and foremost, they want to make sure you have a steady income from a regular job or other sources. That demonstrates your deep roots in or commitment to your own nation and demonstrates your intention to return there after visiting Europe.
  • Secondly, they want unambiguous proof that you have the financial means to cover all of the costs associated with each day spent traveling within the Schengen Area, ensuring that you won’t be a financial burden on the nation you will be visiting.

Additionally, it provides proof that you can visit their nation and spend money there, boosting their economy.

Generally speaking, Schengen Visa embassies look up the following details in your bank account:

  • The amount of money in your account
  • When the account was first created
  • The sums that are deposited into and taken out of your account
  • Transactional irregularities, such as a one-time large deposit
  • Consistency with your other records, including your income tax returns and employment paperwork

Additionally, to verify the legitimacy of the document, the majority of embassies demand that your bank statements bear an actual stamp from your bank.

As a result, obtaining a Schengen visa without providing bank statements might be exceedingly challenging.

If you don’t have a bank account for any reason, we firmly advise you to offer an alternate form of financial support, such as sponsorship documentation.

Article 21(5) of the Schengen Visa Code states that sponsorship proof may be used as proof of adequate means of sustenance.

Then, in addition to other pertinent documents like a sponsorship letter that has been written and signed by your sponsor and a copy of their ID or passport, you must provide your sponsor’s bank statements.

Even if you have a sponsor who will pay for your travel, keep in mind that some Schengen Embassies may need you to produce your own bank statements.

If you are a student or unemployed person who lacks the resources to pay for your trip’s expenditures, you must have a sponsor.

It’s essential to include a thorough justification in your cover letter if you are able to pay for your trip’s expenses out of pocket but are still unable to submit bank statements.

If you attempt to manipulate the facts to your advantage, the Embassy staff will be trained to notice any inconsistencies and your application may be rejected.

As we previously indicated, obtaining a Schengen visa without providing bank statements can be difficult (unless you have a sponsor who will pay for your travel and the Embassy doesn’t demand you to present both your personal bank accounts and those of your sponsor).

However, the officers of the Embassy will consider your application’s honesty, which is always the best course of action.

You shouldn’t create a bank account or borrow money from friends or relatives to boost your bank account balance before paying it back later in order to apply for a Visa.

The Embassy personnel will want to confirm that the money in your bank account is genuinely yours and not just a short-term loan because they are specialists at spotting red flags.


Apply Schengen Visa Without Bank Statements.

Without bank statements, getting your Schengen Visa accepted is not impossible, but there will be some difficulties. It’s best to have a sponsor who can cover your expenses if you don’t have a bank account or enough money to go on your trip.

Otherwise, we strongly advise you to provide as much proof as you can to show that you have strong ties to your home country and a regular source of income.

When applying for a Schengen Visa, be honest about your financial situation and refrain from borrowing money and moving it to your account. The embassy staff is aware that some people borrow money to apply for a visa, so they keep an eye out for this scam.

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