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Apply Schengen Visa to Italy from the UAE

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If the expected stay is less than 90 days, UAE citizens do not need a Schengen Visa Requirements for Italy. However, in order to travel to Italy, foreigners who live in the UAE must have a Schengen visa.

Please be aware that as of 2024, UAE nationals must apply for an ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System) visa before departing for Europe in order to be admitted to the continent.

Apply for a Schengen Visa Requirements from the UAE for Italy

When applying for an Italy Schengen visa in the United Arab Emirates, the following papers are needed:

  • Application form: Make sure the form is signed and is entirely filled out.
  • One passport-sized color photo that was recently taken is required, with a white background. (Please refer to the details.)
    • At least three months must pass after the scheduled return date for the validity to remain in effect.
    • It must have two blank pages minimum.
    • It must have been published no more than ten years ago.
    • It must possess a current UAE visa.
  • Include a copy of your UAE residence visa that is good for at least 90 days after the date you plan to return.
  • Please include a copy of your current trade license.
  • Obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your local sponsor or company. The NOC ought to contain:
    • Your designation and name.
    • The day you started working there.
    • Your wage each month.
    • Confirmation that there are no issues with your trip to Italy.
    • Length of leave.
    • The managerial signatory’s name and title.
    • The signer’s direct phone number and email address.
    • A copy of the signer’s visa and passport.
  • Include a copy of your employment labor contract or agreement in the document.
  • Evidence of adequate means of subsistence: Give substantiated proof that you have sufficient funds to support your projected stay, such as:
    • Paystubs for the previous three months.
    • Bank statements from the previous three months; foreign bank accounts are not taken into account.
    • A legitimate international credit card and the latest three billing statements.
    • Any additional records (such as those from other banks, personal assets, investments, etc.) that can be used to assess your financial condition in the UAE. Make sure that bank statements are printed on letterhead from the bank, and actual bank stamps must be visible on photocopies or online statements.Apply Schengen Visa to Italy from the UAE
  • Obtain international medical insurance that covers the entire trip with a minimum of €30,000 in coverage and full, unrestricted hospitalization coverage. Also covered by the insurance should be emergency returns and returns of mortal remains. There needs to be a comprehensive table of benefits.
  • Hotel reservation: Submit a verified hotel reservation. Please include a letter of invitation if you intend to stay in private accommodations.
  • Flight reservation: Incorporate a confirmed direct flight reservation. During the pandemic, it is strongly recommended to plan a direct flight to avoid potential complications owing to increased access restrictions in transit countries.

Provide the following extra paperwork if the applicant is a minor for Schengen Visa Requirements:

  • Passport copies of both parents (or legal guardians).
  • A letter of consent (NOC) stating the reason for the travel, the location, and the precise dates, and signed by both parents or legal guardians. Direct signatures on this letter are required at our Visa Application Center.
  • The consent letter must be signed in front of an officer at the closest Italian Consulate or Embassy if one parent lives abroad.
  • Birth certificate: Submit an original or certified copy of the birth certificate translated into Italian or English if the applicant’s passport (in English) does not list the full names of both parents or legal guardians. Make that the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the nation where the document was issued has properly validated it.
  • Provide an original/legalized copy of the divorce judgment with a clear mention of full custody (translated into Italian or English) in cases involving divorced parents.
  • If copies are offered, originals and/or certified copies will be given back.

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