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Permit for Freelance Work in Dubai

Permit for Freelance Work in Dubai

Permit for unpaid labour worth Dh7,500. Holders of a freelance permission will be able to lawfully work in the education and media industries.

With Dubai Media City (DMC) and Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP), residents can receive a freelance package for an annual fee of Dh7,500 in the media and education industries. Gofreelance is a product that was introduced by Dubai Holding member TECOM Group in collaboration with the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority. The Freelancer Permit and Business Center access are included in the annual cost.

visa: If a candidate needs a visa to work here as a freelancer, for example, the necessary ‘help’ will be given. The visa, however, will be charged separately in accordance with the usual prices.

Freelancing benefit: If a resident is employed and has a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their employer or sponsor augmenting their salary, they may apply for a freelance permit.

Candidates who are on their parents’ or husbands’ visas are also eligible for the permit as dependent visa holders.

Activities: The permission is only valid for specific “activities” within the Education and Media sectors. For instance, there are five activities under the heading of Education, including Education Advisor, Researcher, and e-Learning Adviser.

Nearly 50 activities fall within the media category, including actors, animators, cameramen, and journalists.

Simplified Process: Apply for a work permit online at www.gofreelance.ae. Candidates must upload the necessary paperwork, including the application form, their resume, copies of their passports and visas, a bank reference letter, and, if appropriate, a sponsor’s NOC.

Candidates will be notified through email when their application has been accepted, and they can then go to one of the business centers in DMC or DKP to sign the paperwork in person and pay the price. The candidates may be questioned pertinently about their application during the visit for clarification or verification purposes. They will get their freelance permit through email shortly after that.

Professionals at Dubai Internet City may work for free.

People who operate in the technological sectors might obtain a freelance permit from Dubai Internet City (DIC).

The annual fee for the freelancing package, which includes access to the business center and the freelancer permit, is Dh7,500. If the person need a visa, DIC will support them throughout the procedure.

For the freelance package, applicants must be technology experts in the fields of online, mobile, software development and architecture, IT and telecommunication networking, data science and analytics, and customer service, as well as stakeholders offering technical support and associated services.

The freedom to choose their employer, the projects they work on, and their own schedules will be available to independent contractors.

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