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Know About Global Passport Index

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What is the World’s Most Powerful Passport?

The Singaporean passport is the strongest passport in the world, according to VisaGuide.World Passport Index, with a score of 90.00 as of September 2023. The top five strongest passports for 2023 are followed by the German, Spanish, Finnish, and Danish passports in that order.

The full list of all passports, listed in order of their score, is shown below:

Methodology to Calculate Passport Index Ranking

We give each vacation location a score that we refer to as the location Significance Score (DSS) in order to arrive at a distinct ranking. Each destination receives a distinct DSS value depending on its entrance requirements for passports, GDP, Power Index, Tourism Index, and Human Development Index (HDI), among other things for Passport Index.

Know About Global Passport Index

The DSS is increased by the amount of the visa fee required by the country of destination for the selected passport holders.

  • In our estimates, we take into account the following entry or visa regulations:
  • No-Visa Travel. The DSS is multiplied by one if a country’s passport holders are not required to obtain a visa.
  • Travel authorization via electronic means. If passport holders can get an electronic travel authorization (ETA), the DSS is also multiplied by 1.
  • Arrival-based visas. The DSS is increased by 0.8 for nations where a visa is required upon arrival.
  • e-Visa, an electronic visa. The DSS is multiplied by 0.3 for destinations where passport holders must apply for an electronic visa (e-Visa) before leaving.
  • Visas authorized by the government or an embassy. A score with a value of = 0 is given if passport holders must apply for a visa at an embassy or any other type of pre-departure government-approved permit.
  • Visa-free travel. Passport holders may enter a nation without a passport if they multiply the DSS by 1.01.
  • Entrance Banned. The DSS is increased by -0.5 in cases where a passport holder is denied entry.Due to the fact that every destination country has a distinct DSS, traveling visa-free to a place with a higher DSS offers the chosen passport a higher value than doing so for a place with a lower DSS. As a result, each passport receives a higher ranking.

    When all the variables are taken into account, each passport has a unique value, and no two nations have the same number of “visa-free” locations.

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