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Norway Schengen Visa Application Requirements

Norway Schengen Visa

Norway belongs to the Council of Europe, the European Economic Area, the European Free Trade Association, and the Schengen Area. On March 25, 2001, Norway began putting the Schengen Accord into effect. Visitors may now apply for a Norway Schengen Visa

Who is Eligible for a Schengen Visa for Norway?

All citizens of the EU and EEA do not require a visa to enter Norway or to travel throughout the entire Schengen region. However, some types of citizens of third countries must apply for a visa before traveling to Norway.

If any of the following applies to you, a short-stay visa is required to enter Norway and any other Schengen member state:

  • You belong to a developing country with which the Schengen member states do not yet have a visa liberalization agreement.
  • You were previously denied entry to Norway or any other Schengen nation even though you are a citizen of a third-world nation that has signed a visa liberalization agreement with the Schengen nations.

What Paperwork Is Necessary for an Application for a Schengen Visa from Norway?

You must submit some required documentation for a Norwegian short-stay visa in order to demonstrate to the Norwegian Embassy/Consulate that you meet the requirements to be allowed to visit Norway.

  • Application for a visa to Norway. Use your computer to fill out the form, print it, and then sign it at the bottom.
  • Two photographs for a passport. When applying for a Norwegian Schengen visa, the images must be identical and meet all photo specifications.
  • Your current passport. Verify that your passport is not more than ten years old and that it will still be valid at least three months after the day you intend to depart from Norway and the entire Schengen region.
  • Copies of any prior visas you may have had. Provide copies of all visas you have ever held to the embassy or consulate, whether it be for Norway, the Schengen region, or another nation.
  • Travel health insurance for Norway. Obtain travel health insurance that is valid in Norway and all other Schengen nations. Please provide proof that your insurance has a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros and covers medical emergencies in this area.
  • Route of a round-trip flight. A flight booking confirmation document is required to enter and exit Norway. The names, dates, and flight numbers should all be listed in this paper. Discover how to create a flying schedule for a visa application!
  • Evidence of accommodations. I.e., a hotel booking. Discover how to book a hotel for a visa application!
  • Evidence of enough financial resources for the duration of the stay in Norway. You must provide evidence that you have at least €53.34 in your possession to the Norwegian embassy or consulate in your home country. Although this sum is not formally set, it is normally chosen on a case-by-case basis.
  • Proof of citizenship. This could be a marriage license, a child’s birth certificate, a spouse’s death certificate, etc.
  • A covering letter. a private letter outlining your reasons for wanting to visit Norway, your plans for the trip’s duration, your departure date, and other pertinent information.

Additional Visa Requirements for Norway Depending on Your Employment Situation

When Employed:

  1. Employment contract The most recent six months’ worth of bank statements
  2. Employer Income Tax Return (ITR) form or leave authorization

If independent:

  • Your company license on paper
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) of the company’s bank account for the previous six months

If a Student:

  • Evidence of enrolment
  • A letter of approval from a school or university
  • Advertisements

Upon retiring:

  • the most recent six-month pension statement

If Applicable

  • Proof of consistent property income for the previous six months

Minors’ Additional Visa Requirements in Norway

Underage candidates who desire to receive a short-stay visa to Norway have to submit some additional Norwegian Visa Requirements. These papers are listed below:

  • The minor’s birth certificate before leaving for Norway.
  • Both parents have signed the Norway application form.
  • Family court ruling. under circumstances where a child has sole custody of one parent.
  • Certified copies of each parent’s ID or passport
  • If the child will be traveling with someone else alone:
    • A valid visa copy, an original, and a copy of the accompanying person’s passport page with the holder’s information, expiration date, and most current photo.
    • A notarized document with both parents’ or guardians’ signatures authorizing travel to Norway

Additional Conditions Depending on the Reason for Entry into Norway

You will need to provide the Norwegian embassy or consulate with additional documentation, depending on your reason for entering Norway, to support your claim.

Visa Requirements for Airport Transit in Norway

  • You should apply for a Norway Airport Transit Visa if you need to land at one of the Norwegian airports solely to transfer to a flight that will take you to a non-Schengen destination country.
  • Be aware that not all citizens of nations requiring Schengen visas require a transit visa for the Norwegian airport. If you need to apply for a transit visa to Norway, check the list of nationals who require one.
  • Documents Needed for a Norwegian Airport Transit Schengen Visa
  • You need to submit the following extra paperwork when applying for a transit visa for Norway airport:
    • A current visa, if one is required, for the destination country.
    • The airline ticket for the last destination you’re visiting.

Business Visa Requirements in Norway

You must apply for a Norwegian Business Visa if you want to visit Norway with the purpose of meeting with business representatives, taking part in meetings or conferences related to science, education, or business, settling an estate there, or negotiating a contract.

Documents Needed to Apply for a Business Schengen Visa for Norway

  • Original invitation letter from a Norwegian company/organization including the company’s address and contact information, the visitor’s purpose and intended stay, the signatory’s name and title, and who will be responsible for covering travel expenses. The letter needs to be signed and stamped.
  • Confirmed registration for conventions or trade shows, as appropriate.
  • Employer’s letter. The purpose of your trip to Norway should be explained in this letter.
  • Evidence of trip funding. Either the employer or the partner company must provide coverage of expenses on the letter or invitation with regard to the applicant’s expenses throughout their stay in Norway.

Norway Schengen Visa

Student Visa Requirements for Norway Schengen Visa

If you are a citizen of a nation that is subject to the Schengen visa regime and you intend to enroll in a study program, training program, or internship in Norway as a student, you must apply for a Norway Study Visa. Documents Needed for a Norwegian Student Schengen Visa.
The following extra paperwork is required when applying for a Norwegian student visa:

  • No letter of protest from the school where you are currently enrolled, if relevant.
  • Internship contract. signed by the trainee, the company in Norway, and the place of origin.

Medical Visa Requirements in Norway

You must apply for a Norway Medical Visa in order to be granted entry if you intend to come to Norway for medical treatment at a Norwegian hospital or clinic, which treatment may last up to 90 days. Documents Needed to Apply for a Medical Schengen Visa for Norway.
The following extra paperwork is required when applying for a visa to get medical care in Norway:

  • Local medical information. issued by a physician, clinic, or hospital in your native nation attesting to your need for medical care in Norway.
  • A medical certification from the hospital or physician in Norway attesting to your health and the appointment date. Additionally, it should state that the hospital is capable of providing the required medical care and that you will be treated as such.
  • Evidence of the financial agreement struck.
  • The receiving medical facility’s (hospital or clinic) official confirmation of the treatment or appointment in

Apply for a Norwegian Short-Stay Visa

  • The Norwegian Embassy
  • A Norwegian consulate
  • A Visa Application Center to which Norway has outsourced visa submission
  • The Embassy / Consulate of another Schengen country to which Norway has outsourced visa submission

A visa extension in Norway Schengen Visa

Your Norwegian Schengen visa may be extended, but only in special circumstances. For instance, if there has been a natural calamity or if you have fallen gravely ill. As part of your application for a visa extension, you will have to pay a fee at the Norwegian Police or the Directorate of Immigration and provide a number of supporting papers.

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