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Register your business with the Municipality of Dubai

Register your business in Dubai

A guidance on how to register your business with Dubai Municipality is provided below. Each food item produced or imported into Dubai is required to register with the Dubai Municipality. The registration procedure is governed by the Food Control Department’s Food Import Re-export Service (FIRS) System, which is run by the Dubai Municipality’s Food Safety Department.

However, in order to use the services, applicants/companies (local manufacturers/importers) must first register and become activated with the Dubai Municipality/FIRS System.

Prepare the following documents and information for Municipality of Dubai:

  • Copy of a valid trade license is required for applicants, who must be UAE-incorporated businesses with a trade license for food-related activities.
  • Identity and residence proof for the shareholder(s): Manager’s or Partner’s Emirates ID
  • Company address, cell phone, email, landline, and post office box.

How do you register your business with the Municipality of Dubai?

Administrator Account:

  • Create an account for the business by logging into the Dubai Municipality portal.
  • To continue, you must fill out the necessary information to register the business and the admin user, attach the necessary files, and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Information about the company, including its address, license members, importer code, license number, and issuing authority.
  • Information about the user, including personal information, identity information, address information, attachments, contact information, and email and phone number confirmation.
  • You will receive a registration confirmation notice with a reference number once the necessary information has been entered and approved.
  • The Dubai Municipality team will then need to check and approve the information entered. The user will receive additional login instructions in the registered email address following acceptance.
  • Users can change their account password in accordance with the specified instructions, and a confirmation notification will be delivered to them.
  • Now that you have the established credentials, you can access the portal.

Register your business with the Municipality of Dubai

Business Account:

  • Only Business users are permitted to be allocated a set of services and responsibilities necessary to utilize the business services provided by the Dubai Municipality. Therefore, the company admin must create a business user profile in the site.
  • Select the Management of Company user after logging into Admin User.
  • Add the sub-user’s information and choose the necessary services and roles (pertaining to food products).
  • Your registered email will be used to send you a confirmation of your business user registration along with password-setting instructions. (Note: A different Business user id and password will be required from the Admin login details).
  • You can now access the Dubai municipal E-services after receiving another notification.

Signing up for the FIRS System

After completing the prior stages, an email containing the documents listed below can be forwarded to the Dubai Municipality’s Food Trade Control section to activate the FIRS services.

  • Copy of UAE Trade License
  • IRS application form with firm stamp and signature
  • The firm representative’s Emirates ID.
  • Authorization Letter (Official authorization letter supplied by the company to the Dubai Municipality Food Safety Department with a declaration of the details of the company person in-charge who is concerned to follow all the cases that fall under the purview of the food trade control department.

In charge of food trade

The Dubai Municipality’s Food Safety Department has notified that only approved Food Trade PIC would be accepted to check up on imported consignments.

Prior to the company’s registration on the FIRS portal, at least one employee of the company must be nominated by Dubai Municipality, submit an application for PIC training, and pay the associated fees.

Provide an assurance letter (on business letterhead with your employer’s stamp) stating that one employee of your company will submit an application for PIC training within three months of the present date.

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