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Complete Guide on Setup a Medical center in Dubai

Medical center in Dubai

Due to the numerous commercial opportunities it provides to both its residents and tourists, Dubai is growing in popularity. Additionally, the local and federal governments of the nation have provided significant assistance to a number of industries, most notably the healthcare sector, to enable the development of a superior and efficient healthcare system in the nation.

Both its locals and foreigners are now able to construct and use a crucial infrastructure system in the state thanks to such important efforts and opportunities in the healthcare system.

Due to the development of top-notch healthcare labs, hospitals, and research facilities in recent years, Dubai’s healthcare system has reached a new level of success. In addition, private healthcare facilities and medical travel to Dubai have helped the local population. This has increased demand for medical clinic establishment in Dubai.

Advantages of Opening a Medical Center In Dubai?

Due to the abundance of business opportunities it generates in practically every industry and field, Dubai is regarded as a business hub. This is made possible by the government of Dubai’s backing and the city’s high tourist volume. The benefits of opening a clinic in Dubai are numerous.

You will benefit from being able to avoid paying taxes and have all of your profits returned to their home nations. Additionally, it will assist you in maintaining your financial and material status and give you the chance to work with both extremely wealthy local and foreign patients. In other words, in Dubai, you will be effectively compensated for your services.

Documents Needed to Open a Medical Clinic in Dubai

The following documents must be presented to the DHA in order to register a medical clinic in Dubai.

  • The DED has approved the use of a trade name.
  • DED has approved an initial approval certificate.
  • Lease Agreement
  • Facility’s floorplan and layout diagram
  • Owner-signed DHA contract
  • The Dubai Municipality has issued an affection plan.
  • Document approving the plan
  • Passport, visa, and Emirates ID copies
  • The DHA has approved the medical director.

Steps for Opening a Medical Center In Dubai

In order to open a Medical Center In Dubai, you must either hold a medical degree or be a director with the necessary credentials. Be aware that opening a private clinic in Dubai requires more than just a basic medical degree. Each employee must have full certification from the Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA). Additionally, the Dubai Healthcare Authority must get its clearance before you may open a clinic in Dubai.Complete Guide on Setup a Medical center in Dubai

  • Register a Trade Name: Obtaining a trading name registration and a medical clinic license are the initial steps in opening a medical clinic in Dubai. The investor must complete an online application for this purpose and have it submitted to the Department of Economic Development in order for the trade name to be registered. The candidate can then carry on with the process after this.
  • Get the first approval: You must submit another application to the same department after receiving the trade name from the DED in order to receive initial approval from the relevant department. However, you must submit all required paperwork including a photocopy of your passport. You will also need to get the Dubai Municipality’s approval for the layout plan.
    • Visa copies and passport
    • Emirates ID
    • Copy of the Trade Name issued by the authority
    • Affection plan
    • The layout or Floor Plan
    • DHA undertaking and Proposal Letter
  • Obtain the OK in writing: The following documents must be submitted by the investor along with the registration fee and a photocopy of the initial approval:
    • A reliable structure
    • Final Trade Permit
    • Notification of No Objection
    • A list of the directors and medical specialists
  • License for a private clinic in Dubai: To start a private clinic in Dubai, you must first obtain a professional license from the Department of Economic Development (DED), which must then be granted by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).
  • Authorities to process in A Medical Center Establishment
    • DED – Dubai Economic Department
    • DHA – Dubai Health Authority
    • Dubai Municipality
    • Dubai Civil Defense

According to investor requirements, additional costs are as follows:

  • The property’s yearly rent
  • Fees to the Dubai Municipality equal 5% of the annual rent
  • Decoration fees for the inside
  • Individual medical consultant, director, and nurse registration costs for DHA medical examinations
  • Cost of the managers’ and employees’ visas under the facilities
  • Every operational cost

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