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In Dubai, you may renew your car’s registration online.

In Dubai you may renew your cars registration online

All car registration renewals in Dubai must be completed online.

All RTA renewal services, including the renewal of registration for all privately owned vehicles that demand yearly technical inspections, are exclusively available online.

In 2015 and 2016, new private automobiles that don’t need testing and commercial fleet registration renewal both migrated online.

The RTA website (www.rta.ae), Dubai Drive app, Smart Kiosk, and contact center (8009090) will be the only places to access seven other crucial services in addition to car registration, which will also be inaccessible at customer service centers.

The eight diverted services are the following: printing a detailed list of registered vehicles, printing a renewal of an individually owned vehicle’s registration that requires testing, printing a return from tour certificate, a first-owner registration certificate, a vehicle ownership certificate, a re-insurance certificate, a replacement ownership certificate for a lost or damaged one, and printing a clearance certificate.

Next Sunday, when the new system is put into effect, drivers who attend vehicle testing centers for their yearly vehicle inspection will only receive their test results there; the remainder of the vehicle registration process will need to be completed online.

The technology will also update the findings promptly, allowing clients to register online right away.

In Dubai, you may renew your car's registration online.
In Dubai, you may renew your car’s registration online.


If there are any outstanding traffic fines, you must pay them before beginning the online car registration process. On your phone, use the Dubai Now app or the RTA Dubai app to carry out this action. It will show you the fine print you would need to pay for if you only enter the information from your vehicle registration. Black points and blocked fines must be paid at a vehicle registration center.


Look for the “Car vehicle registration” option on the RTA website or on the RTA Dubai Drive app, then complete the following four steps:

  1. Go looking for your car
  2. Choose the delivery method.
  3. Verify the license plate number and the emirate
  4. Pay with a credit or debit card.

After downloading and launching the app, go to the “RTA services” button to begin the online registration procedure. On the dashboard, choose “My Vehicles” then “Renew Vehicle” to complete the process. After entering the necessary information about your vehicles, a confirmation screen displaying the information about your vehicles and insurance will appear. Before you file for your vehicle license renewal, please make sure that your auto insurance has already been renewed. Depending on your vehicle’s kind and whether it is used for personal or business purposes, the service price changes. The car rental agency is in charge of renewing the vehicle license if you use any car rental services in the UAE. For the vehicle registration test and renewal, they might take the rental automobile and give you a temporary substitute.

On the other side, you can complete this process through the RTA Dubai’s official website. Use an online e-payment site to pay the renewal fee after logging in using your registered RTA User ID and a working password.

The entire process will take about 30 minutes to complete all the formalities. When the exam is complete, the results are immediately transferred to the RTA database, allowing you to continue the online registration process. Let’s say you are finishing this at the last minute. In such case, you can contact one of these vehicle inspection facilities to inquire about their premium service, which includes picking up your vehicle from you, performing all necessary testing, and returning it to you along with the results. In Abu Dhabi, the procedure for renewing a vehicle registration card is much the same. By using the MOI UAE app or the Ministry of Interior website, you can renew your vehicle’s registration.


Online renewal of your vehicle’s registration in Dubai costs AED 380 and is only good for a year. There are other costs, such as the AED 25 courier fee. You are excused from paying the about AED 170 technical inspection fees for vehicles for the ensuing three months.

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