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How do I sponsor my son who is above 18 in the UAE?

How do I sponsor my son who is above 18 in the UAE

Residents of the UAE may now extend the residency permits of their 18-year-old dependents for up to two consecutive years, regardless of whether they are high school or university graduates.

The year-long validity and yearly renewal options for the residency permit. This benefit is available starting on the date that dependents have finished their secondary school, as well as to those who have recently graduated from college or have turned 18 years old. Humanitarian appeals, which demanded a Dh5,000 deposit, will no longer require guardians to apply. Application forms are available in Amer Centers.


Residents may provide supporting documentation, which may include the general secondary education certificate, a diploma, or information from the son’s university, whether it was in the UAE or not, and which has been duly recognized by the college or university.

As long as their sons are under 18, foreign parents are permitted to sponsor them under UAE residence requirements. A current visa may be extended till the age of 21.

For a daughter, the rules are different, and her parents can still sponsor her after turning 18 years old. If she gets divorced or marries, her parents can sponsor her. Depending on the sponsor’s visa, the validity of her resident permit will be two or three years.

  • If an adolescent is enrolled in a local school, a university, or a college in the UAE, his parents are permitted by law to keep him there.
  • After presenting a document at the residence department stating that the youngster is continuing his studies here in the UAE, the school or one of the parents may sponsor him.
  • Certificate of course continuation from the college where he studies. If the son studies outside of the UAE, the UAE Embassy there and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs should certify the course continuation certificate.

Visa Validity: If the sponsor works in the private sector, the 18-year-old son’s residency visa is valid for two years; if the sponsor works in the public, semi-public, or free zone sectors, it is good for three years.

  • A medical certificate while applying for or renewing a visa.
  • A medical insurance card or certificate while applying for or renewing a visa.
  • One year, with the option of a second year’s extension.
How do I sponsor my son who is above 18 in the UAE?
How do I sponsor my son who is above 18 in the UAE?

The originals of the documents listed below must be provided for scanning at the AMER center.

  • Son’s passport. One image on a white background.
  • The genuine passport and Emirates ID of the sponsor.
  • The UAE Embassy in the home country and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs have attested the child’s original birth certificate.
  • Original Electricity Bill & EJARI Certificate. Tenancy Agreement and Electricity Bill certified by Municipality if you reside outside of Dubai. Tenancy/Ejari must be in the applicant’s or the applicant’s spouse’s name.
  • Original Employment Agreement. (Minimum Salary: Dh3000 + Dh4000 for lodging). On payment of Dh103, a labor contract can be produced at the Tas’heel Center/Typing Center. It suffices to print a copy of your passport. Without attestation.
  • Original Salary Certificate (for employees working in a free zone, a semi-government, or the government
  • Visa Fee of Dh360 and File Opening Fee of Dh210 (Additional Typing Fee) should be paid at Amer Center. Bring the receipt for scanning if you have previously paid for file opening
  • Application Fees: Dh310 (plus additional typing fees) if the sponsor is government or semi-government personnel.
  • Bank statement for the last three months. Print submitted online won’t be accepted.
  • The applicant’s IBAN (International Bank Account Number).

If Sponsor is Investor or Partner: Additional paperwork needed includes the following: + A Dh3020 deposit for each family member. After the visa is canceled, this cost is refundable (as of 01/08/2014). Partners List & Trade License Copy (second page of license)+ LLC Agreement, with a minimum share value of Dh70,000.

If the mother is the sponsor: The husband will give his nod of approval in Arabic. The NOC must be attested by the UAE Embassy overseas and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE if the husband lives outside of the UAE.

  • AMER Typing Center will handle the processing of all fees, including deposits, guarantees, courier fees, and file opening fees. Only the bank account of the sponsor’s business can receive refunds. The Sponsor’s (Applicant’s) IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is necessary.
  • Customers should only attend the immigration (GDRFA) office after their online application has been approved. In the event of approval, modification, or rejection, the customer will receive an SMS. After approval, a white color visa will be mailed to the applicant’s email address. After getting an SMS confirming your clearance, visit any GDRFA branch in Dubai if you require a pink color visa. None extra. Some nationalities require a pink-colored visa for immigration clearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I renew the residency visa of my special needs son after he turns 18?

A. Generally speaking, a father may sponsor his son up to the age of 18, or up to the age of 21 if the son is enrolled in a full-time program of study, whether in the UAE or abroad. Even though these are the officially recognized regulations, a specific application may be submitted to the concerned division in the emirate where the family resides. For more information in this specific instance, contact the General Directory and Foreigner Affairs (GDFA) – Dubai (dnrd.ae/en). I think this instance would fall under the purview of the special committee that the GDFA has established to evaluate humanitarian cases, as advised in public pronouncements. Although there are no assurances, A M should have a strong case to apply for a typical two-year residency visa for his kid with the proper proof of dependency.

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