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How can a nursery be set up in Dubai?

How can a nursery be set up in Dubai

Description: Includes businesses that are trained to care for children while their parents are away from them.

Age Limit: Children who are 45 days old or younger and no older than four years old may enroll in nursery.

NOTE: Under the new regulations, Nursery must have approval from the Ministry of Education.

Special Approval: The Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Education, and Dubai Municipality’s Department of Health and Public Safety must all approve this commercial activity.

Standard Rules

  1. The manager and license owner must be UAE citizens.
  2. Certificates of Police Clearance for the Manager and Owner.
  3. Free Zone: The license holder or partner must be a citizen of the UAE.
  4. The nursery should be on the first or second floor. Children under the age of 18 months must be on the bottom floor, and the structure must include firefighting supplies.

Steps to be Taken:

  1. Submit an online application on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs. Documentation needed:
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Copy of the family book (Jinsiya)
  4. Owner’s Education Certificate
  5. Certificate of Police Clearance
  6. Arabic letter of commitment promising to hire an Emirati as manager
  7. Address and location of the planned building.
  8. The applicant’s signature on the Nursery License Application (available at the Ministry on CD).
  9. Introduction/Acquaintance Statement (if applicable)

NOTE: The applicant’s contact information, including P.O. Box, mobile number, landline number, fax, email, and profession or department. For the nursery’s name, the Ministry of Social Affairs should receive three suggestions along with an Arabic translation.

How can a nursery be set up in Dubai?
How can a nursery be set up in Dubai?

Location & Building: It is necessary to obtain municipal and Civil Defense approval. Locations that have evolved into industrial zones or homes for workers are prohibited.

  • Only after receiving Ministry of Social Affairs approval must you create a leasing agreement (tenancy contract).
  • For the project, you must offer a thorough operational, educational, and financial plan.
  • Obtain approval from the Ministry of Education after receiving it from the Ministry of Social Affairs. This is a recent condition that was added.

At the Ministry of Social Affairs, a new license costs Dh10,000.Fee for renewal: 5000 Dh annually.

You will receive a tracking number with the initials MSACH00000 after submitting your application. You can track the application by calling 800 672 or using this link.

DED) Acceptance: You should approach the Department of Economic Development (DED) for license approval once you have received the Ministry of Social Affairs’ clearance.

The Department of Economic Development (DED)’s (Steps to Take)


Commercial Name Reservation: at the DED Counter in the Business Village near the Clock Tower in Muraqabat or Tas’heel Center. Owner’s passport copy and a name approval letter from the Ministry of Social Affairs are essential documents. Name reservations can be made simultaneously.


DED’s Initial Approval: Obtain approval at the Tas’heel Center DED Counter. Fill up the (BR1) form, collect the manager’s and owner’s signatures, and submit it to DED. Forms may be completed in the Typing Center.
Attachments: Name Reservation Certificate, BR1 Form, passport copies of the owner and Manager (if any), first clearance from the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Walk-in Submission: If you want to avoid long lines, you can submit at the DED Head Office in Business Village, close to the clock tower, in Deira, or at Tas’heel Centers.

Online Appointment: Utilize the MYID Website to create a new user account. To complete the registration, you should have an Emirates ID and a card reader. You’ll be given a username and password once you’ve provided the necessary information. The Karama Head post office, DEWA branches, DED Business Village Branch, and Tas’heel Centers all have self-service counters. After making an account, visit the DED website to schedule an appointment. Send the paperwork to the DED office of your choice.
If you don’t have an Emirates ID, you can schedule an appointment using the user ID of your local partner.MYID Call Centre: 600 56 0000. This user ID can be used for various government sites.

Lease Agreement:Prepare the tenancy agreement for the property and register using the EJARI online portal. You can order EJARI from a typing center that has been approved.
215 for Ejari
Get approval from Civil Defence and Dubai Municipality (Department of Health and Public Safety) if advised by DED.
Final Submission at DED: Attach the original Ministry of Social Affairs approval, the Name Reservation Certificate, the BR1 Form, the EJARICertificate, a copy of the owner’s passport, the manager’s passport (if any), and the approvals from Dubai Municipality and Civil Defense (if any) at the Tas’heel Center or DED in accordance with your appointment. The payment voucher will be provided at the same time, or you can print one off of the DED website. Get the license by paying at the counter. After receiving the payment voucher, you can also pay with a credit card or direct debit on the DED website.
Approximate fees for Nursery License at DED

License Renewal: A Ministry of Social Affairs license renewal fee of Dh5,000 is required each year. The ministry will visit the property before approving the renewal. A list of the violations that must be corrected within 90 days will be provided to those who don’t comply with the rules, and those who do will receive immediate approval.

Inspections: The first kind of visits are finished prior to the renewal of the license, and nurseries are informed in advance. The second is a check-in to see if the infractions have been fixed. They often occur three days after the 90-day window has passed. The license is revoked and the nursery must temporarily cease operations if the violation is not corrected. Unexpected visits are the third sort of visit and are based on complaints from parents or problems that inspectors from the ministry have identified.

Violations: Infractions like enrolling kids who are older than allowed, disregarding the nurse’s room, hiring staff without a license, running a nursery without a manager, or operating from a structure unfit for kids will result in the Ministry of Social Affairs canceling the license.

DED License: It is effective for a year. There is a 30-day grace period following expiration. If the license is not renewed within the grace period, a monthly fine of Dh200 will be assessed at DED. Employee housing costs are an additional expense to be paid depending on the staffing level, in addition to the existing expenses. Pay should be Dh500 per head for managers and degree- or postgraduate-level professionals, and Dh300 per head for lower-level employees. This sum needs to be paid annually. Supervisor, clerical staff, and laborers are each paid Dh300.

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