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Housekeeper Recruitment in UAE from Sri Lanka

Housekeeper Recruitment in UAE from Sri Lanka

Entry permit Requirements for Housekeeper Recruitment (if  Inside UAE)

From Sponsor:

  • ­ Passport and visa color copy
  • ­ Original Emirates ID
  • ­ Labour contract / Salary Certificate
  • ­ Ejari / Tenancy contract
  • ­ One Photograph
  • ­ Marriage certificate
  • ­ Spouse passport and visa copy
  • Affidavit from consulate (if the maid is from the same country)
From Maid
  • ­ Passport color copy
  • ­ Visit Visa copy / Old Emirates id copy
  • ­ One Photograph
Fees – In AED
  • Inside Visa – 3500 (2000 refundable)
  • Status Change – 720
  • Medical – 380
  • Emirates id – 170
  • Visa stamping – 5600
  • Insurance – 600 (Basic)

Expatriates who meet the requirements can sponsor domestic help:

  • Sponsor’s remuneration should not be less than Dh25,000 per month.
  • Yearly Fees: The sponsor must pay an annual charge of Dh5767 to immigration, which must be done repeatedly each year. Typing Fee Additional)
  • Deposit: Upon approval, pay the required Dh2020 in cash at immigration. Following the cancellation and departure of Maid’s Visa, this sum will be reimbursed. As file opening fees, Dh220 should be paid at Immigration.
    • The housekeeper should not be linked to the sponsor or spouse
    • The Sponsor must reside in the United Arab Emirates with his or her family.
  • Age: If a Sri Lankan maid is coming on a maid visa, her age cannot be less than 23. Sri Lankan medical fitness report. The application for a maid visa must include a copy of this report. The minimum monthly wage for a housemaid in Sri Lanka is Dh850.

Documents required for Entry Visa application at Immigration for Housekeeper Recruitment in UAE

  1. Apply for an entry visa permit online at the Tadbeer Center or the AMER Center.
    Dh3325 is the application fee (if the maid is located in the UAE). This sum includes a Dh2000 deposit that is refunded following the termination of the maid. Additionally, Dh120 is included in this sum as insurance rather than a bank guarantee. (Service Fee additional). Dh2742 if the maid is not from the UAE.
  2. A white-background photograph and a copy of the maid’s passport.
  3. A copy of the sponsor and spouse’s passports a copy of the contract showing the investor’s or partner’s shares if the sponsor is one. The financial security deposit for the partners, a duplicate of the trade license, and the partners list are all included.
  4. House Rent Agreement: A copy of a lease for a home with at least two bedrooms. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority’s (RERA) Ejari online system must certify to it. Attach a tenancy agreement with municipal attestation and an electricity bill if you reside outside of Dubai.
  5. A declaration from the Consulate that the Maid is unrelated to the Sponsor and his or her spouse. There must be a separate affidavit for the spouse and the sponsor. Only if the Maid is of the same nationality as the Sponsor is this applicable. To be paid at the Sri Lankan Consulate or Embassy are affidavit fees of Dh110.
  6. If the maid is in the UAE on a visit visa or tourist visa, an additional fee of Dh1320 (Dh680 for issuing the visa inside the nation and Dh640 for changing the status) must be paid. After receiving the visa, no additional formalities with the Sri Lankan Consulate are required. However, if the Maid is from the same nationality as the Sponsor, a No Relation Certificate from the Consulate is required. At the time of applying for an entry visa at Immigration, this certificate is necessary.NOTE: If all of the conditions are met, an electronic visa for maids will be granted and mailed to the applicant’s maid ID within hours.
  7. The Tadbeer Center will provide a labor contract together with the entry permit. Contract fee: Dh253. The above-mentioned application fee includes this sum. This contract needs to be signed by both the sponsor and the maid and turned in when the maid’s entry visa is being stamped. When typing entry visa applications, an immigration clerk will inquire about the maid’s income.
    1. If the sponsor is an international citizen, the maid visa is valid for a year.
    2. If the sponsor is an Emirati national, the maid visa is valid for two years.

Sri Lanka Consulate other Conditions

  • The maid’s daily work schedule shouldn’t surpass 12 hours.
  • Airfare from Sri Lanka to the UAE at the time of joining and back after the contract is finished.
  • At the Sri Lankan Consulate or Embassy, the following steps must be undertaken after receiving a Maid Visa from Immigration.

Documents required at Sri Lankan Consulate / Embassy

  1. A copy of the sponsor’s passport.
  2. Copy of the domestic worker’s passport.
  3. An appropriately completed Contract Form bearing the sponsor’s signature.
  4. The original visa and two copies of it.
  5. Fees 185 Dh
  6. For domestic female workers alone, the sponsor must deposit Dh3675 ($1000). The following steps must be done at the Sri Lankan Consulate or Embassy. This deposit is recoverable upon termination of the maid’s contract, according to terms stated in the contract.

Emigration Clearance: The maid’s child, if there is one, must be at least six years old in order to receive immigration clearance from Sri Lanka. The government representative in her village must provide her with a clearance letter. Once you have the clearance letter, the original visa, and the employment contract attested by the Sri Lankan Consulate or Embassy in the UAE required for Housekeeper Recruitment in UAE, go to the Bureau of Foreign Employment.

Documents required for Refund of Security Deposit:

  1. Request for Security Deposit Refund
  2. A copy of the employment contract, the passport copy, and the departure stamp
  3. The authentic cash receipt
  4. Immigration’s receipt for a cancelled visa
  5. A duplicate of the return airline ticket
  6. A letter from the employee confirming that there are no outstanding employer obligations (No claim certificate). You must get this letter signed before Housemaid leaves.

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