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Hire a Part-Time Domestic Workers in UAE

Hire a Part Time Domestic Workers in UAE

Busy parents may find it challenging to balance housework, job, family life, and finding time for personal hobbies for many expat families in the UAE.

Working parents who hire a maid in the UAE can get important help, more time for family time, and a reduction in stress. A domestic worker is a dependable helping hand for managing household duties, chores, watching the kids, and making sure that life at home runs more smoothly. You have the option of hiring part-time or full-time domestic help. If you are thinking of employing a part-time maid in the UAE, read this.

Are domestic servants who work part-time legal in the UAE?

Employing an independent domestic worker on a part-time basis, such as a maid or nanny, is prohibited by UAE labor legislation. If a family in the UAE wants to engage a housekeeper, the sponsor can only do so on a full-time basis.

Employment of independent domestic help who claims to have her “own visa” is prohibited in the UAE. Only a full-time contract is allowed, as was previously stated.

Temporary cleaning staff employed by UAE-based cleaning firms and services are permissible for residents to hire. They are typically employed on an hourly basis for part-time work through a cleaning service appointment or request.

Hire a Part-Time Domestic Workers in UAE
Hire a Part-Time Domestic Workers in UAE

Please refrain from employing an independent cleaner who:

  1. Works as a part-time cleaner but is not employed by a cleaning service; and
  2. Asserts to have his or her “own visa” for your protection.

Can you employ a maid through an agency in the UAE?

In the UAE, maid agencies have long been prohibited. Instead, the only authorized center that assists in the recruitment of domestic servants is Tadbeer centers, which are overseen by the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE).

Employers are not permitted to directly hire domestic assistance under the new law on household employees, which took effect on December 15, 2021. Only those who have received a permission from the ministry to do so are permitted.

According to MoHRE officials, “the new law stipulates that domestic helper recruitment or temporary employment shall not be allowed unless after obtaining a licence from the ministry.”

It’s critical to remember that both employers and domestic workers in the UAE have rights and safety that have been protected by these legislation and changes.

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