Certificate Attestation

Grade 12 Students and graduates to remain for two years.

Grade 12 Students and recent graduates may remain for an additional two years

Conditions and requirements:

  • Applies to students above the age of 18, high school seniors, and recent graduates.
  • Attested academic credentials
  • Visa costs for one year are Dh360.
  • Dh5,000 parent guarantee deposit
  • A visa holder is not permitted to spend longer than six months abroad.

After graduating from high school and becoming dependent on their parents, students can apply twice for one-year extensions to their residence permits.

The dependent students will be awarded a residence visa for a period of one year, which may be extended for an additional year, beginning on the date of their university graduation or the day they receive their high school diploma.

Students who are applying for this visa should include their attested high school or university transcripts as well as any other supporting documentation that demonstrates their education outside of the UAE or proof of their attendance there.

Girls: According to UAE legislation, all women are permitted to live in the nation on their parents’ visas up until the point at which they must be sponsored by either their husbands or employees.

For the extension of the student’s visa, a financial guarantee of Dh5,000, which is provided by the parent to get the residence visa of the kid over 18, will be necessary, and will be refunded once they alter their visa status.

Grade 12 Students and recent graduates may remain for an additional two years.
Grade 12 Students and recent graduates may remain for an additional two years.

Visa extension for visits

Holders of a visit visa will be permitted to request two 30-day extensions without leaving the country. There is a Dh600 cost for each extension. Before, travelers were required to depart the UAE when their one- or three-month tourist visas ran out. Travel agents are required to extend visitor and tourist visas.

Those living abroad in the nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council and those traveling with citizens of these nations are not eligible.

Special mission entrance visas with a 96-hour validity period and special entry permits are excluded.

FINE: Violators shall be subject to a daily fine of Dh100 beginning ten days after their visas expire.

With effect from October 21, 2018, new changes to the UAE visa system that will benefit families, citizens, and visitors were put into place nationwide.

Visas for widows, widowers, and their kids. An additional year of residency for widows, divorcees, and their children, Beginning on the date of the divorce or spouse’s passing, this group of beneficiaries becomes eligible. They won’t require a sponsor to submit a visa application. Fees: Dh155 to cancel a previous visa and Dh360 for a one-year resident visa.

Terms and Conditions

Conditions and rules apply to the request for an extension. For instance, the applicant must have a resident visa that was sponsored by the spouse who passed away or was divorced when the applicant was applying.
The children’s residency length must not exceed the mother’s at the time of death or divorce, and the residency visa must still be in effect.

There should be evidence that the lady has been divorced or widowed, that she owns a home, and that she has the means to support the family.

Applications may be filed at any Tasheel or Amer Business Center location in Dubai.

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