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Obtaining General Trading Company License in Dubai

Trading Company License in Dubai

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re a potential investor looking to launch a general trade firm in Dubai. The guide has been carefully crafted to provide you with thorough information on how to establish a general trading business in Dubai, how to receive a general trading license, the cost of establishing a general trading company in Dubai, and everything in between.

A general trading company is a type of business that allows you to start general trading activities such as importing, exporting, and trading locally in the UAE. You will be able to register with a general trading company on Dubai mainland or any of the UAE free zones based on the type of your business.

If your firm is a third-party cargo or operates within a free zone, you may apply for free zone registration; if your business operates in the local market, you may apply for mainland company registration in Dubai.

An entrepreneur who holds this license will be able to trade a wide range of items from other industries, however the goods may be utterly unrelated. Simply put, a general trading license allows you to trade a wide range of goods and products.

Start a General Trading Company in Dubai.

From the emirate’s early days of pearl trade to the present, where one can trade a wide range of goods and products, Dubai has long been known for its trade and commerce. The government is committed to giving potential investors the opportunity to migrate to Dubai and launch their enterprises in one of the world’s most promising and prosperous economies.

Furthermore, the Emirate benefits from a strategic location that allows it to conduct business with both the East and West markets. Furthermore, with its simple setup procedures, low entry barriers, and no to little taxes laws, Dubai is extremely popular with traders of all stripes. As a result, establishing a general trade company in Dubai is a win-win situation for foreign investors.

How to Establish a General Trading Company License in Dubai

A general trading license is required if you are a foreign investor or businessman wishing to launch a general trading company in Dubai that deals a wide range of products without any impediments. With a general trading license, you can sell and trade a wide range of goods and products in Dubai.

Obtaining General Trading Company License in Dubai

  • Choose a Trade Name for Your Company: First and foremost, you must select a name for your Dubai general trade firm. You will need to keep a few things in mind for this, such as the name not being assigned to another organization, not using any profane phrases, and so on. Choose a simple, relevant, and unique name for your firm and have it approved by the necessary organization, such as the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the relevant Free Zone in the UAE.
  • Plan Your Company’s Activities: To successfully obtain a general trade license in Dubai, you must first organize your business activities. Show the commodities and products you want to exchange among the thousands of available possibilities.
  • Request Initial Approval from DED or a Free Zone: Now is the time to apply for Preapproval in DED or one of the UAE’s free zones. Write and submit an initial license approval application to the department for this purpose. To minimize issues during the procedure, engage with an experienced business setup consultancy. We will work with you to make the license application submission process as simple, painless, and efficient as possible.
  • Obtaining External Approvals as Needed: It is recommended that you apply for any external permits, such as visas, that you may need in order to live and work in Dubai. This may include your residency visa, visas for company employees, and other documents. The number of visas you should or may apply for is determined by the kind and size of your business, the business arrangement you choose, the jurisdiction in which you operate, and your earnings.

Documents Required in Dubai to Establish a General Trading Company

To establish a general trading company in Dubai, you must submit the necessary documents to the relevant official. To obtain a general trading license, proper paperwork submission is required.

  1. Business strategy
  2. Copy of the owner’s/shareholder’s passport.
  3. Copy of the owner’s/shareholder’s visa
  4. Several name options for the company reservation.
  5. Lease Agreement – Physical or Virtual Office

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