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Frequently Asked Question of Property listed Airbnb (Dubai)

Frequently Asked Question of Property listed in Airbnb Dubai scaled

1.How do i issue a permit?

  • After your account has been activated, you can access the holiday homes system and submit an application. by taking the following actions:
    • Select “add unit.”
    •  Complete the form for property details.
    • Include the necessary documentation.
    • Submit the application and await DTCM approval.
    • You must classify the unit and pay for the permit after your application is granted.

2. What are Required Documents for Holiday Homes permit in Airbnb?

  • The paperwork needed for each unit permit is:
    • Unit Title Deed
    • A copy of the cooperating owner’s passport, trading license, and authorized person’s passport.
    • A letter of authorization using the DTCM template.
    • The most recent DEWA statement for the cited unit.

3. How Do you Classify a Unit?

  • Holiday Homes are divided into two categories: Standard and Deluxe. A self-assessment form for the unit classification must be submitted in accordance with your choice in the first stage manager.

4. Is My Property Inspected by DTCM for Classification?

  • Instead, managers at Holiday Homes use a self-assessment method to categorize the units they oversee by going through a set of criteria.

5. Where can i find out why my application was rejected?

  • When an application is turned down When an application is refused, DTCM provides a comment, which you can

6. How to view the comments?

  • Steps involving instructions on comments
    • To begin, click the application number.
    • Access relevant records
    • Choose the final recor
    • Clicks to view
    • Select the processing status link.

7. How to Print the payment Order?

  • Steps involving instructions on payment order
    • Select the application number
    • Select Related Records
    • View Last Classification Record.
    • Proceed with the fees and print the Payment Order

8. Do i need to pay the Dubai Municipality Fees of 10%?

  • Holiday Homes properties would not be subject to Dubai Municipality levies.

9. Find out the list for Holiday homes operators?

  • By phoning the customer care line at 600 555559 or sending an email to [email protected], you can obtain the list.

10. Do i require any license from DED?

  • No, you just need to register with the DTCM Holiday Homes system.

11. Documents required to register on Holiday Homes?

  • Unit Title Deed.
  • Dewa Bill (Owner name)
  • The passport or Emirates ID are the necessary documents.

12. How to register in DTCM as an operator?

  • Go to (https://hh.dtcm.gov.ae/holidayhomes) and select Register a New Operator from the menu.
  • Input your contact details.
  • Upload a copy of your passport or Emirates ID as the third step.
  • Pay the system registration costs and activate your account. A notification email including the credential will be provided to you, and you must visit DTCM to complete these steps

13. Do i need Insurance for the Units?

  • Yes, operators must have insurance plans that cover potential risks to guests, property, and buildings.

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