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Family Visa Mother-UAE is the sponsor.

Family Visa Mother UAE is the sponsor
Requirements to sponsor a child by the mother? Single Mother can sponsor her child?

If a mother satisfies the requirements listed below, she may sponsor her children for a residence visa:

  • Mother must possess a current work visa
  • Marriage license certified by the UAE Embassy in the home nation and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Child’s birth certificate is attested by the UAE Embassy in the parent nation and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. That needs to be legally translated into Arabic. to fulfill the standards for attestation and translation
  • No Refusal Letter: Husband’s NOC in Arabic to sponsor the mother’s child. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE and the UAE Embassy overseas must attest to the NOC if the husband lives outside of the UAE. The NOC must be legally translated into Arabic if it is typed in a language other than Arabic. To view a sample NOC document, go here.
    NOTE: If the husband is in the UAE, the NOC needs to be notarized. You can obtain a NOC from a typing service and a Notary Public’s attestation. Fee for notarization: Dh367
  • Salary: According to the employment contract approved by the Ministry of Labour or the Salary Certificate for Government/Semi-Government/Free Zone Employees, the sponsor’s monthly compensation shall be Dh3000 plus housing, or a total of Dh4000.Exemption: The salary requirement will not apply to teachers or nurses who wish to sponsor their children.
    (Rental housing contract) Tenancy Agreement. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority’s (RERA) Ejari online system must certify to it.
  • The husband shouldn’t be able to sponsor the child based on his salary. If the husband is in the UAE, the labor contract must be attached to the application.
  • If the applicant’s occupation is not nurse, doctor, engineer, or teacher, the UAE Embassy overseas and the UAE Foreign Affairs must certify the applicant’s university degree.
  • If the applicant does not work as a nurse, doctor, engineer, or teacher, a bank statement from the previous three months must be submitted. Statements printed online won’t be accepted.
  • Under the condition that a certificate proving the same is produced, a mother may sponsor her unmarried daughters and boys under the age of 18, with the exception of university or college students.
  • DIVORCED: In the event of a divorce, the court’s decision regarding child custody should be presented. The UAE Embassy overseas and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs must certify it.
  • SINGLE MOTHER: In the event that you are a single mother, you may provide a court-ordered custody order, a certificate from your local government, or an affidavit from your consulate. If the certificate was issued in your home country, the UAE Embassy there and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs should certify it.

Online: The process is now simpler than it was. If you have all the necessary paperwork prepared, you can finish every stage at the AMER Typing Center. There’s no need to go to the immigration office.

Family Visa Mother-UAE is the sponsor.
Family Visa Mother-UAE is the sponsor.

The typing center will process all fees, including deposits, courier fees, and file opening costs. Only the bank account of the sponsor’s business can receive refunds. The Sponsor’s (Applicant’s) IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is necessary.- Only if such an SMS is received do you need to go to immigration (GDRFA). You will receive an SMS with the application’s approval or modification status. After approval, a white color visa will be mailed to the applicant’s email address. After getting an SMS confirming your clearance, visit any GDRFA branch in Dubai if you require a pink color visa. None extra.

Documents Required

originals of each of the aforementioned documents; and

  • A color copy of the passport and one child’s photo
  • An Emirates ID and the sponsor’s original passport.
  • The applicant’s IBAN (International Bank Account Number).
  • Dh389 should be paid at Amer Center as the application fee.
  • Application Fee: Dh339 if the sponsor is government or semi-government personnel.
  • There is an additional typing fee of Dh220 must be paid at the typing center.
  • If the sponsor is an investor or partner, the following extra paperwork is needed.
  • A deposit of Dh3040 for each child. If your visa is canceled, you can get your money back.
  • Partners List & Trade License Copy (second page of license)+ LLC Agreement, with a minimum share value of Dh70,000.

If the child is in the UAE on a visit or tourist visa, an additional fee of Dh1320 (Dh680 for issuance of the visa inside the nation and Dh640 for status modification) must be paid.

Nursing, medical, engineering, and teaching professionals can sponsor their husbands for a residence visa. Learn more.

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