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Egyptian Certificate Attestation in Dubai

Egyptian Certificate Attestation in Dubai

When an individual or a family plans to migrate to another country, many red tapes will be involved – the visa application process, booking for accommodations, and knowing the requirements of settling in another country.

Suppose you want to have a residence visa in the UAE. In this case, you need to process the authentication of documents issued from Egypt for them to be accepted abroad when submitting visa and employment applications.

The United Arab Emirates and Egypt are non-members of the Hague Convention – members of the said convention only need Apostille authentication to accept foreign documents for employment, visa, and other processes.

Online Certificate Attestation in Dubai

Egypt Certificate Attestation is the process where documents are legalized for local and international use. For instance, job seekers in the United Arab Emirates will need to process the authentication of degree certificates, sometimes with transcripts. Legalizing birth and marriage certificates is a must for families needing residence visas.

Some Purposes of Attestation

  • Giving Birth in the UAE
  • Getting married in the UAE
  • Equivalency Certificate Application in the Ministry of Education
  • Golden Visa Application in Dubai
  • Applying for a UAE Visa

Process required for the following documents

  • Birth Certificate Attestation
  • Authentication of Marriage Certificate
  • Egypt Police Certificate Legalization
  • Degree Attestation in Egypt
  • Egypt Commercial Document Authentication
  • Certification of Egyptian Singleness Document
  • Educational Documents Verification
  • Attesting Salary Certificates
  • Experience Certificate Attestation in Egypt


Since Egypt issues Arabic documents, a legal translation may be required. A legal translation is a document where a record has been translated to the desired language a country needs. It has the company name of the translation firm and the translator’s name and seal. The document will not be considered a legal translation without the signatures and seal.

We will guide you through the authentication process for Egyptian documents for the UAE.

This is only applicable for educational documents as a prior verification before the attestation process. This verification is necessary for the document to go through the next step. New Certificates may need to be issued for some documents, depending on the date of issuance of the educational record.

Egyptian Personal Documents do not need to go through this step, as the Ministry of Education is not the concerned department for their verification. Before the attestation process, personal documents must be verified by a Notary in Egypt.

After Egyptian Personal and Educational Documents verification, the next step will be the attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Egypt.

Once you have the stamps from MOFA Egypt, you can submit your document to any embassy or consulate in the country and be used abroad for any purpose.

For your documents to be accepted in the UAE, you must submit them to the UAE Embassy in Cairo for legalization. This step will be the final attestation process you need to do in Egypt. Without the UAE Embassy seal, you cannot process the certification in the United Arab Emirates.

To submit your application for a UAE visa, your documents must have MOFA Attestation Dubai stamps. This is the first and only authentication you will need in the UAE.

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It might be difficult to certify an Egyptian document, as the procedure varies according on the kind of document you have and who you need to deliver it to. We’ve defined the steps that each document must take below to make things easier for you, but keep in mind that the steps for some papers may differ from this. Contact us for a free, individualized quote to ensure that we can give you the most accurate information possible.

Ministry of Education Egypt
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Egypt
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Egypt
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Egypt
UAE Embassy in Cairo
UAE Embassy in Cairo
UAE Embassy in Cairo
MOFA Attestation
MOFA Attestation in UAE
MOFA Attestation in UAE

Egypt Consulate in Dubai

Our legalization consultants can also help you process your attestation from the Egyptian Embassy in Dubai. Suppose you are a UAE resident who needs to do an attestation so you can use your documents in Egypt; we will process UAE MOFA Attestation and Egypt Consulate authentication on your document.

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