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Dubai’s general trading license procedure, get Instant License

Dubais general trading license procedure get Instant License



Booking by trade name at DED.
Certificate for Commercial Name Reservation from DED Counter.

The DED Head Office situated in Muraqabat's Business Village, close to the clock tower. In numerous Tas'heel Centers, DED has numerous counters.

Required paperwork includes a copy of each partner's passport and a list of potential names. Name reservations can be made simultaneously (Dh741).



Initial approval: Complete the (BR1) form, have the partners sign it, and turn it in to the Economic Department (DED) Counter. Forms may be completed in the Typing Center.

After paying Dh 31500, an immediate license will be given. Prior to beginning your partner visa and employment visa applications, you must complete the following steps. Another payment voucher for Dh570 with the notation "Location change" will be issued by DED at the moment the Ejari and LLC court agreement is submitted.


The Electronic LLC Agreement (MoA) will be created by DED employees, and the final payment voucher will include the attestation fee as well as payments from other departments.

Note: There is no limit to how much capital can be stated in an LLC agreement. No need to present the bank's Capital Deposit Certificate. At the time of attestation, the notary will charge a small percentage based on the capital amount and the number of partners.

All Partners or Attorney have to attend at Notary to sign the Court Agreement
Attestation fee at the court (Notary Public)

Agreement Typing Charge
210 (Approx)

Prepare the office or shop's lease agreement and register using the EJARI-only system. You can order EJARI from a typing center that has been approved.

215 for Ejari

BR1 form, Name Reservation Certificate, Initial Approval, EJARI Registration Certificate, passport copies of partners, and NOC for partners (if any), along with the attested LLC Agreement (one original copy), must be turned in at any DED branch.

At the same time, a payment voucher (Dh570) will be provided. Get the license by paying at the counter. After receiving the payment voucher, you can also pay with a credit card or direct debit on the DED website.

Payment Voucher Transaction Fee: An additional Dh105. To add a phone, fax, or post office box number to the license, pay an additional Dh105.

Estimated General Trading License costs at DED

31, 500

Walk-in Submission: DED Head Office, Business Village, Near Clock Tower, Deira, has a facility.

Appointment: To submit your initial permission application to the Economic Department (DED) Head Office near the clock tower and save time, make an online appointment.

How to make online appointment?

Utilize the MYID Website to create a new user account. To complete the registration, you should have an Emirates ID and a card reader. You’ll be given a username and password once you’ve provided the necessary information. You can visit the Tas’heel Center (for DED Services) in the Al Tawar Center in Qusais if you’re having trouble creating a user account. Fees: 50 Dh. At the DED Business Village Branch, close to the Clock Tower, in Deira, and at the Emirates ID centers in Karama, Barsha, and Rashidiya, self-service counters are accessible.

  • Visit the DED website and schedule an appointment after making an account. Send the paperwork to the DED office of your choice.
  • Register with Dubai Chamber, which is located in the same DED facility, after receiving your license. Pick up a registration form there, fill it out, add your signature and the stamp of your company, and hand it in at the desk of the Dubai Chamber. The certificate will be released concurrently. Payment and Commercial License costs have already been paid at DED.
  • Documents needed include the completed application, a copy of the trade license, the partners list, the commercial register (three pages), a copy of the LLC agreement, a copy of the authorized signatory’s passport, and the DED payment receipt for the trade license.
  • For export and import purposes, registration with numerous government agencies, and business expansion into other Emirates and beyond, a chamber certificate is necessary.
Dubai's general trading license procedure, get Instant License
Dubai’s general trading license procedure, get Instant License


A greater percentage of Dubai Limited Liability Companies use the local UAE sponsor as a “silent partner.” The local UAE sponsor often receives an annual “sponsorship fee” under this structure in exchange for ceding management control of the business to the international investor. But we should give UAE National 51% of the corporation as a formality. To protect your investment, you can draft a side agreement that specifies that you own the entire investment, including the sponsor’s portion. The notary public cannot certify this agreement. However, you might request the sponsor’s signature as confirmation.


The duration of a commercial license is one year. There is a 30-day grace period following expiration. If the contract is not renewed during the grace period, DED will assess a fine of Dh200 per month. There is no need to pay the Dh15000 special General Trading costs at the time of renewal. Employee housing costs are an additional expense to be paid depending on the staffing level, in addition to the existing expenses. Pay should be Dh500 per head for managers and degree- or postgraduate-level professionals, and Dh300 per head for lower-level employees. This sum needs to be paid annually. Partner: Dh1000, Supervisor: Dh500, Office Personnel: Dh300, Waiter: Dh300, and Laborer: Dh300.

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