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Dubai Vehicle Fine Check 2023

Dubai Vehicle Fine Check 2023

It’s crucial to monitor your obligations, including the calculation of any unpaid fines, amid the bustling urban setting of Dubai.

To keep a clean record and prevent serious legal issues, it is essential to be aware of potential fines whether you are a resident or a visitor. Being proactive in these areas guarantees a smooth and trouble-free journey across the city and easy to apply for Police Certificate Attestation.

How do I check my fines in Dubai?

In Dubai, you have a variety of alternatives for checking your fines, so you may choose the one that best suits your requirements. Here are a few methods for checking your fines.

  • Online Dubai Vehicle Fine Check:
    The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is in charge of managing all transportation-related matters in Dubai. Along with maintaining and improving infrastructure, the RTA works hard to improve procedures for drivers and pedestrians.
    RTA’s official website
    Follow these steps to check your Dubai fine via RTA:

    • Visit RTA’s official website for paying fines
    • Access the Drivers & Car Owners section and choose the Fines Payment option
    • Begin the process by clicking on Start
    • On the next page, you’ll encounter several methods to explore fines imposed on you:
      • By plate details: Input your plate numbers, select your Emirates location, and select a category and code
      • By license number: Enter your license number and pick an Emirate
      • By fine number: Input your fine number, along with the fine source and fine year
      • By traffic fine number: Enter your traffic file number
    • After selecting your preferred search method, complete the captcha verification
    • Review the fines listed and select View Details
    • Agree to the provided terms and conditions
    • Conclude the process by clicking on Confirm and Pay
  • Dubai fine check Dubai Police: Through the Dubai Police website, you can also check your fines. To do so, adhere to these guidelines:
    • Visit the Fines Inquiry and Payment page on the Dubai Police website.
    • You can learn about different ways to investigate fines imposed on you on the following page.
      • By plate information Enter your license plate number, location, and a category and code.
      • Using TC number: Put your Dubai TC number here.
      • By license information Your license number and the source should be entered.
      • According to the information on the ticket Type in the source, number, and year of the fine.
    • After completing the captcha verification and clicking the Search button after selecting your preferred search method
    • You can use a credit or debit card to make the payment after entering the appropriate data.
  • Dubai fine check EVG:

    Another tool you can use to check Dubai Vehicle Fine related to your vehicle is the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) website. All automobiles registered in the Emirates are represented by the data on this site.

    Follow these steps to authenticate penalties using the EVG system:

    • visit evg.ae to access the Emirates Vehicle Gate website.
    • Find the Pay Traffic Fines option by going to the specific Vehicles section.
    • When you land on the fines page, you may use a number of tools to look for any fines associated with your name or vehicle:
      • Based on the traffic code: Enter the unique traffic code number to retrieve the fine.
      • via license plate: Type in the traffic code and the license plate number. For accuracy, choose the vehicle type, color, and plating supply as well.
      • By registration number Enter the license number and choose the appropriate source.
    • After choosing a search option, confirm the security of your access by completing the captcha.
    • Click the Search button to continue and begin the process of looking into the fines.
    • When the search results appear, carefully review the listed fines. Determine which ones you must pay.
    • Go to the section where you can make the payment after deciding which penalty to pay.
    • Select the option to use your credit card while paying online.

Dubai Vehicle Fine Check 2023

Application for Dubai Vehicle Fine Check

Using the Dubai Police app on your phone, you can simply check your penalties. To check your fines with this app, follow these instructions.

  • Through the Apple Store or Google Play Store, download the Dubai Police app.
  • Launch the app after installation, then go to the ‘fine payment’ service under the ‘traffic services’ section.
  • The next screen will display different methods for you to examine the fines that have been imposed on you:
    • By plate details: Input your plate numbers, select your location, and select a category and code
    • By TC number: Enter your Dubai TC number
    • By license details: Input your license number, along with the source
    • By ticket details: Enter the fine source, number, and year
  • You can finish the transaction using your credit or debit card after choosing the desired fine to pay.

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